Absolutely Terrifying! Fantastic! Amazing! Excitement! Frankenstein Scientific Technology!

If you missed it, NASA’s Perseverance Rover’s Landing on Mars is absolutely one of the most Brilliant examples of Scientific Technology! Of what mankind can achieve. It was COOL! WONDERFUL! Brilliance in Action. And this is so incredible. An amazing thing to Watch!

I felt the same excitement I felt as we watched our Astronauts walking on the Moon. Today, once again.

One small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind

The technology used Today was fantastic and fascinating!. God Bless this extraordinary achievement.

Congratulations! NASA! AND TEAM!!!


1st Image from Mars from latest Mars Rover! Just “Click” on Twitter above…for same one

And to everyone in the World, let me say this-

This is OUR MOMENT! For all of Us.

Another Best Moment for all of the World!

For all Mankind of Mankind no matter WHERE!

And what will we find about the Martians? Are they Friendly? This Rover landed in Martian Center! Where they live.

Jezero Crater: Wet and Dry and Wet Again

Jezero Crater tells a story of the on-again, off-again nature of the wet past of Mars. Water filled and drained away from the crater on at least two occasions. More than 3.5 billion years ago, river channels spilled over the crater wall and created a lake. Scientists see evidence that water carried clay minerals from the surrounding area into the crater after the lake dried up. Conceivably, microbial life could have lived in Jezero during one or more of these wet times. If so, signs of their remains might be found in lakebed sediments.