Has Alcohol Finished Enough Brain Cells so that you Think Now You can say and do Anything to Hurt Others?

Are you hurting Others? Is that all you can do with your miserable state of mind? Always Drinking and then Hurting Others. If you been Drinking, QUIT CALLING. QUIT TEXTING those that you Cripple with your own Low-less-ness. It’s You always hurting Others! Always Telling Lies! Always Telling Fibs!

QUIT It and Join AA near you! Get the Help you need so desperately!

Who did you Hurt Today?

Who will you Hurt Tomorrow?

Who did you Hurt Yesterday?

But it’s you yourself that you are Hurting the Most!

Warning: Legislators are considering adding Alcohol Testing done in all Commercial Vehicles where Commercial Drivers MUST Blow into a Tube before the Vehicle will start. That’s fantastic News to end Drunk Driving by these dangerous individuals.