Kiddos a Bright Future Awaits You…Yes, it does

If 200 Million Americans get the Vaccine by the end of Summer, by December, this should take a huge Bite out of this Virus. And if 300 Million could be Vaccinated by Christmas Time, our Outlook for 2022 should be absolutely pleasant. Absolutely promising. Time is of the essence. Speed must be on everyone’s mind. But, do not fret or Follow False Idols or gods.

A sense of some sort of Safety will be felt by all by the end of Next January. Infections will take a huge Tumble and so follows the Deaths. Then, we must keep the next Variant at the Border and keep them Controlled. But there is a very good looking future just around the Corner. So, keep your Hopes Up and get these Vaccines when your turn comes. Don’t miss out. It will take a huge number of 🇺🇸 to get us over the Hump. So, start Caring and return to all of your Plans and successfully get in Order. Free from all clutter. Negate any bad news headed Your way with the knowledge that God has heard Our Cries. God is not Deaf. God has sent the Messenger of Mercy. Harken to Your Heart this News as Sheep flock to their Herder. Do not fall for False Hope or Distractions that stray a person to the path of Sin. Your Future is looking far brighter than you think. God Bless!