Pandemic Sinful Outcomes Unleashed

There are now obvious Issues that are transpiring from the Pandemic. Caused by the Pandemic or is the Pandemic being used as their Scapegoat? After-all, everyone simply shrugged off each new negative when the Reporting Source merely uses one word in that Report-PANDEMIC. Okay, we are now becoming Conditioned to it and are now expecting it. More of it. But as we do, there’s a sinful outcome now being revealed. Countries are now Censoring their Media. controlling Social Media, letters, texts. And even your Cell Phone Conversation. What?

Yes, masterful Massive Brutal Computers are eavesdropping on your own words and then the words you hear. But it doesn’t stop there. When certain words are used, A.I. invades your mind with Ads and other Media Sources will appear on your Phone’s widescreen just to realign your thoughts. Brainwashing? Absolutely. A word most will scoff at and toss all of This aside like rude talk. No, I don’t control the Ads you see. But you will see them. And I’m always mindfully observing all of them now. No, they aren’t always aimed at Selling you an Item as much as they may be trying to retrain your mind.

It’s like watching the same Commercials on the TV, but with a deeper. Darker, Sinful pattern aligned behind them. So. Sure watch more closely from now on.

And right now, Blocking stuff coming in and out of the Various Countries might alarm you. Hundreds, even thousands, are taking a close look at all of us. And tons of folks from Overseas. China blocks most Outside Media, but the ones who do go outside the routine Censor Zone do it as they are actually Agents for their Government always looking for New People to possibly recruit on something that they need. Sure. They look at you often when you write about them.

My Blog allows me to see what Country each Viewer is from. No IP Address or stuff like that. So. I know when I write about their Country, I’ll get a healthy amount of Views by China. But not normal China. By Agents from China. And right now, they are zooming in on anything that depicts the COVID-19 originating from them or any negative Articles about them. But remember. Like your own Country, each Country has its own Agenda and they are Out for themselves! For them and no one else.

But Health Data around the World is being manipulated. They are hiding the true Death Numbers of Covid. No Country is telling the Truth! I read at one place where it’s estimated one million Chinese have died from COVID-19. Massive Holes with Dead Chinese were dug everywhere. So many that they are easily viewed from Space on Terra Satellites. Here is a supposed pic with 500,000 Dead Bodies under the or above the ground. True? Who knows?

An estimated 10,000 Dead are in each rectangular Cocoon?

That seems like a lot, but after seeing how quickly China hides stuff. I’m not surprised. I’m sure other Countries are hiding the real Death Numbers as well. They are! You can bet on it.

And fudging numbers on Reports of almost anything are being put out to make a Country or to help lure Investors looking for a Deal to unleash their Monies. And all of this in the name of Pandemic. And we accept all of it. We’ve been conditioned to think that way already. Conditioned to accept any Pandemic Excuse. And Pandemic Criminal Activity. Everyone’s already Mad, so does it really matter if more Mad Food gets added?

No, not really. We expect everything and nothing surprises any of us. It’s the same all over the World. Beating everyone out of a buck. And we care getting beaten badly. Seems certain Big Pharmas are going to make tons of money for Investors. But some will cost too. False Data or Bad Data cannot be hidden in the Medical Field or can it be?

Remember the “H” Lies promoted by Big Mushroom Dick and people raced to buy that worthless stuff? They raced to get it as if they had been given a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. Worthless Useless “H” that many bought and resold to friends. One Doc supposedly made a cool Million selling Online and they wanted more refusing to believe it was Worthless. Lol.

But, there are positives for some Countries and not for others. Right now, people are desperately seeking Covid Vaccines. And some Countries are benefiting from having Vaccines. But anything can take place and nullify even them by a bastard Variant.

Who would have ever thought? 99% Of the World didn’t see that this Pandemic was coming. But Virologists and others had been raising the stark possibly. And Coronavirus was specifically being Investigated as others had taken place before Covid-19. But since a huge number of people didn’t die, no one paid much Attention. But so many questions still remain as to How did most Countries take such a slow approach in Combating this latest Virus. The World screwed itself on this one, but it doesn’t appear to have gone beyond being Fixed. But too many Died. Too, too many. 400,000 lives here in America could have been prevented had a serious approach been taken instead of initially treating this Virus like a simple Flu. Too many took to Social Media in Cancellation Campaigns. These are done to cancel the Truth. And they have been successfully used to cause denigrating outcomes. Instead of proper individuals with certified credentials and scientific work putting out the information that everyone needed, they weren’t allowed and were even demonized when they tried. Cancellation Campaigns were done on simply wearing Masks. Such degrading activities is the new normal. The new Normal. These have been done on people all the time. In a sad way, America has become a Lynching Society thru the Media and Social Platforms. Big Mushroom Dick proved how to do this. And the kids were taught how to Bully better than ever before. Sad. So sad.

But this Pandemic has brought out many Cruelties and as long as they claim the Pandemic, people are Okay with it. Brutality by Misusing Phones is something not worth discussing. It’s grown way out of Control.

And if you’re concerned about the Impeachment Trial, please don’t be. It’s just another example of something that should be done completely behind Closed Doors. It’s food for Politicians and not the Public. It’s completely POLITICAL! And if you’re not a Politician, please don’t feed into that stuff. It has nothing to do with Criminality. And if you’ve already allowed yourself to be gathered-up in the Hot Air Impeachment Balloon, Get ready, it can only go up so high. And then it’ll come back down. Then, expect the whole thing to be used all over the place in 2022 & 2024! Oh yes, we’ll be Sick of that crude being brought up over and over and over like having your fresh eaten meal pop back up in your mouth. And who likes that? No one will be able to get away from it. Like a tidal wave of Vomit headed your way. But such is Life.

Now, brilliant minds have come out by many more staying home while working those Brain Cells. CERN hasn’t started a Black hole yet. And the World will be observing a tremendous feat if NASA and others are able to safely land the Mars Rover on February 18th. That will be a Huge feat. Hopefully successful. But what happens next if they find Life there? Or a Million year Old Sign that says-GO HOME. Or McDonald’s. Lol

But Life on Mars? That’s a good question? Living or Dead will spark many interesting Articles. But if you need food for thought, try reading entire Encyclopedias. Yes, I did and several as not two of them are exactly alike.

We need more books like Encyclopedias with stories that are respective of all of us. All of us. Ivecoften had to buy or had books frim other Libraries sent so I could see different perspectives by all People. It took me years before I took the time to finally seek the Truth about the Vietnam War. It was a Political War caused for and fed by and done by Politicians. Look straight into all of this and you may learn this-People give Politicians all over the World too much Power. And their chest-beating can force them into a corner where War is their only option that they leave themselves with.

One Happy Day came when they ended the U.S. DRAFT. It’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing for people needing a Life. A curse in War. But today, the military is not representative of Society. Many die-hard Military Families have now turned their backs on offering up their children for Military Service. Many are turning away from these Wars created or kept going by Politicians with No Exit Points. Getting into a War is easy, getting out is hard. Admitting a mistake is even harder. Paying War Retributions is lifelong. But my Saber-rattling days have come and gone. Old people get lots of days to see how things got the way they did. And many rely on only word of mouth information. And I don’t blame anyone for doing this in Today’s Times.

Working on what you and your family needs is very important. And it’s important that you know that you are not alone in these struggles. You aren’t close to being alone. Each of us are working on getting by each day.

Right now, the Winter Storm is a big concern. Doing what you can do is important. Take care and be strong. Find good stuff to read. Talk to positive PEOPLE. Or read a great book!

But enough said, my fingers hurt too much to continue…try a book