A Big Fat Covid Vaccine Question?

Johnson & Johnson Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine 85% Effective By Day 28 And 100 Percent Effective By Day 49


This is interesting because last month, the Data reported was-

Vaccine Candidate 72% Effective in the US and 66% Effective Overall at Preventing Moderate to Severe COVID-19, 28 Days after Vaccination


That later Information came directly from Johnson & Johnson! So what gives with this new Data? An Investor Stunt? Or the truth?

Okay. If the 1st was true. What does it do in 60 Days? 90 Days? 120 Days? Does it go to 200% effective? If so, does it ever stop? And if so, does this cause other body problems? At 400%?

This I find as conflicting informations. Not completely sure how to interpret this as Super Great or what? 100% is great. Unbelievably great?

Transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first U.S. case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV. The spherical viral particles, colorized blue, contain cross-section through the viral genome, seen as black dots.