Aliens from Space are Trying to Find US!

After you listen to all the recordings, you will not be able to say that NONE are Aliens trying to Talk with Us. Yes, several are good Candidates of Aliens Trying to locate Us. They are trying to find us and WE are trying to find them. But what happens when they ARRIVE?

Lots of devoted searchers are searching the Skies for that one undeniable Signal or Sounds from an ALIEN CIVILIZATION! But are we more likely to receive a message from a Busted Spaceship? Or a traveling Spaceship? And just now, man Is finding ways to travel at speeds challenging the speed of light. Will man achieve flight faster than the Speed of Light? ABSOLUTELY! In Space, there are no barriers once you have the engine that will continue to increase your speed. It’s coming sooner than later. We will find Life outside of Earth this year. Yes, we will. It’s already been found and you soon will know too. But is the News that they are traveling here for a Visit? Or permanent residency?