THE COWBOY COUNSELLOR-a fun, enjoyable Old West Western

Talk about a fun, enjoyable Old West Western, this is one. It’s just so fun to watch. And many Movies are based on the very themes that you find here. And so often, these Old Movies reveal the true side of Human Nature as this one does. But do remember-This is Our Past

Cowboy Counsellor is a 1932 American Pre-Code Western film starring Hoot Gibson and directed by George Melford. It mixed in strong elements of comedy with courtroom drama. One reviewer deemed it “the best of Gibson’s films for Allied.”[1][2]

Cowboy Counsellor
Directed byGeorge Melford
Produced byM.H. Hoffman Jr.
Written byJack Natteford
StarringHoot Gibson
CinematographyTom GalliganHarry Neumann
Edited byMildred Johnston
Distributed byAllied Pictures
Release dateOctober 15, 1932
Running time62 minutes
CountryUnited States

Dan Alton (Hoot Gibson) is a con artist, posing as a lawyer in order to sell copies of a phony law book. When Bill Clary (Jack Rutherford) robs a stagecoach, and plants some of the stolen money at the ranch of Luke Avery (Fred Gilman), Avery’s sister beautiful sister Ruth (Sheila Bromley) ropes an instantly smitten Alton into being Avery’s defense attorney. As part of his strategy to defend Avery, Alton plans to pull off another stagecoach robbery.