Real Men know How to Sew!

If you’ve never sewed’up your underwear, then you have never had to work hard in your Life. Busted Jeans meant you needed to use a thimble. And if you can thread a needle, congratulations! You know more about life and living than those around you.

Smartness doesn’t have to mean a Smart Education or a pretty College Ring or Wall Diplomas. Smart has to do with How to Make a Buck. And the best ways come from Common Sense.

Nothing amazed me more in my Life than a New College Graduate Hire that had no Common Sense. And I had to train all of them. But the things that they brought with them was a new, utter stupidity not seen by every one who had a GED or High School Diploma.

Now. Don’t get me wrong. Some Grads had Common Sense. But you could sure tell the ones who only took out the garbage once a week and that’s all they knew how to do.

But when you split your britches and you are away from home, you better know how to sew. Here’s a Travel Sew Kit. If you go out of town and have an sewing accident, these can come in handy-

And real men can sew. Yes. They can. And when you lose a button and YOU need to put it back on? Well, if you’re a Real Man, you already have a Sewing Repair Kit with different size needles, different colored threads on spools. And a thimble. And sizzors.

And for your home. You need a Sewing kit. One good one will last a lifetime-


So, don’t fret when you walk into the Fabric Section in a Store to buy thread, needles. Or Iron-On Patches. Or buttons. Real Men can do this too.