So, is Wuhan and a Lab there once again coming under Scrutiny for Covid’s Creation?

Tonight, I watched a man on TV say there was a 90% possibility that Covid-19 was created in a Lab in Wuhan, China. Also, the hypothesis that Mutant Strains are also being created as well and being Released around the World. If any of this is true, then wouldn’t this be done by China to make China the New World Power? I mean, if done on Purpose, then WHY?

Then I found this Article and many Others are out there that are putting Wuhan under the Microscope. People are getting Covid Angry. Lack of Vaccines as promised is fueling this New Anger.

You need to WATCH last night’s Bill Maher Show on HBO. In it, they discuss the COVID-19 coming from a LAB in Wuhan. The Hypothesis that needs to be TESTED is the 90% Chance it did. When this Virus 1st came out, anyone saying it came out of a Lab were demonized if you said Wuhan or China. It was immediately called a Conspiracy Theory. A proper evolutionary Analysis was never done.

So. If it did come from a LAB in China, was it accidentally RELEASED or used with purpose of INTENT? But this Virus is upon the World now and the World is DEMANDING FREE ACCESS to the Vaccines. And this time next year, hopefully, man will be in a better place than he is now. Many questions are still unanswered. But many believe China deliberately withheld information. And yet again, there are many saying that the 🇺🇸 was TOLD thru POTUS. And he never relayed the messaging because of his disdain for Science. But will we find answers?