Proud Boys Labeled Terrorist Organization in 🇨🇦, but 🇺🇸 must create A ‘PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION’ ON the ATTEMPTED OVERTHROW OF Our 🇺🇸 GOVERNMENT!

99% of ALL 🇺🇸 know the Outcome before it even takes place. There is genuine Evil being planned right Now by someone or a group. Another horrible ransacking of the 🇺🇸 Capitol could be coming again at any moment. And because there are Serious Questions to the full Reasons as to why that Day Occurred, Congress or President Biden sorely needs to create a COMMISSION to Investigate that Day and everything that Led up to it. We must seek out Our Homegrown Enemies! We must learn how many thousands were Brainwashed into believing Lies or was it an Actual COUP attempted by 🇺🇸 icans or Was it caused by Foreign Powers or did even A.I. help? Yes, did A.I. help too? And let no stone be uncovered no matter where they may lead-Read this exert-

Eerie Images of Trump Flashed!

Clearly angry, the Senate’s longest-serving GOP leader MITCH McConnell said Trump’s actions surrounding the attack on Congress were “a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty.” He even noted that though Trump is now out of office, he remains subject to the country’s criminal and civil laws.

McConnell then unleashed a blistering truth-

“There is no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the event of that day,” he said…“He didn’t get away with anything yet,” McConnell said.

(Acquittal was granted by a Vote of 57 to CONVICT and 43 to Acquit.)

Make No Mistake, 99% of America did NOT APPROVE of what took place on January 6. 2021. The Save America Rally? No, that was not the Wrong. These law abiding Americans who had every right to peacefully Assemble and even Protest and they had every right to do that peacefully. It’s the Ugly Stuff that may have begun to take place place before, during, and after POTUS spoke that the Assault on the Capitol clearly took place.

More actually Voted to Convict, but why the Overthrow ATTEMPT? Most of 🇺🇸 was SHOCKED and even Terrified to Learn some of these just Revealed True Intentions of many of these Anarchists. These COWARDS!!! These Insurgents!

But how about those wanting to Murder our 🇺🇸 Legislators? And Pence too? WTH? The Days leading up to and during and after are the consequences needing a Complete Investigation by a Presidential COMMISSION. Doesn’t have to be a Presidential thing. But America must get answers. Any duly and lawfully created Commission and 🇺🇸 must Learn-

  1. Who they were?
  2. Were any Paid?
  3. How much were they Paid?
  4. Who Paid them?
  5. Are there Future 🇺🇸 Overthrows Planned?
  6. Any tied to Present Legislators?
  7. We must Ask the Uneasy QUESTIONS.
  8. More Murders coming?
  9. Is there a Secret Plan going on to Overthrow the 🇺🇸 Government? If so, who’s behind it? The participants?

The 2ND IMPEACHMENT needs no further investigating.

It was never a CRIMINAL TRIAL! It was a POTUS TRIAL on whether or not he did something wrong. Did he? Everyone has an Opinion. Opinions are like Assholes and Everyone has one! Not going there, okay? But let’s move on.

And right now, 🇺🇸 NEEDS things done best, right, And correct to help all Americans. I would never attempt to convince anyone to join any Party in America. I VOTE by which Candidate I believe will best help my kids, grandkids, and future Generations.

Each Congress and POTUS does have an everlasting affect on the Future. We either are going with Science-FACT and hopefully not Science-Fiction. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences. We must share the Round Table with all of our neighbors regardless if you think they stink or are fat or are Old or they do look pretty Ugly. They, like you and me and like all of us, Are All members of the Greatest Family in the World. A single Family of many faces and many ideas.

But MURDER, most FOUL and Complete is the Unquestionable Act that was planned on January 6, 2021. It was. Evidence shows this to be true. The Weapons and Preparedness says Murder was something needing A professional Complete and Full Investigation by None in Congress! But by a Presidential Commission? ABSOLUTELY! We must know. how to protect future Generations! We must be prepared!

Well, it won’t be long when this Rodeo Could start anew. Ready or Not, here it comes. A real waste of everyone’s time? I believe A Commission needs to be created to find the Truth to prevent another Event.

But a COMMISSION needs to be created to determine all informations concerning Murdering Congressional Leaders and Overthrowing Our Government. That’s the real need. MUST BE DONE!

But done with NO Members of Congress-present or past or Party Tied Individuals! By men and women above Reproach! And If Criminal Charges are Warranted, then so be it by any and all perpetrators.

If this is not done, what happens NEXT? Not doing it sets up a dangerous precedence. But by doing so, we might Learn of the Real Dangers lurking Ahead. And who is planning it, going to do it? We must root it Out at the Source! Only a Presidential COMMISSION can do this…we must find out.

This is Not a Party Issue! It’s an Issue that could Save 🇺🇸. If we fail to fully and Openly Investigate the Reasons behind January 6, 2021 Actions at Our Capitol by Insurgents, we will have BLOOD on our hands.

And how can PROUD BOYS be Listed as a Terrorist Organization in Canada and not in 🇺🇸? We protect Terrorists? Is that how we roll now? This, like others, we must get Answers!