Wanna go to Mars with “The Living Breathing James Brown”? Here’s how…

I’m going to Mars! R U 2?

Want your Boarding Pass? To go to the Big Red Planet? I’ve got mine. Anyone, I mean anyone who’s interested in being part of the Next Mission to Mars, well, here’s your Chance to have get your BOARDING PASS to Mars! Come along and ride with me. Let’s all go. But do you have what it takes?

R U Ready? Wanna go? Wanna Explore? Wanna be part of something greater than yourself? I do. So, I registered and now, I’m good to Go!

That’s my writing pen name! On my Boarding Pass! And yes. It’s going to Mars, the Red Planet full of mysteries. But will you go with me too? I hope you do! It’d be way COOL if all of us did.

So. Don’t you let another minute pass you up and Sign-Up NOW!