Time to Love. No matter What, Keep Loving.

Sure, if you look too deep, you might get swept out with the receding Tide. So, don’t. Keep Loving all that you can love.

  1. Love Yourself! Love YOU!
  2. Love being Alive.
  3. Love your Spouse.
  4. Love Whoever you live with.
  5. Love your Parents.
  6. Love your Grandparents.
  7. LOVE GOD!

Now take whatever time you need and rest your thoughts. Don’t go Evil Caveman. Evil biker man. Or any other Evil Character. Evil anything. Evil anyone.

We’re not playing no make believe story now and all that we do has consequences on Others. Just a sole Thank You or I love You might be paramount to someone else. When was the last time you kissed your kids? Your wife or husband? Hugged them? Hugged anyone? No one knows how another is doing. We don’t. They may be very down.

Do you share the TV? DO YOU? Do it. It’s important. Do you share the Laptop or Computer? Do you have more Shares or more Takes each day? You know. Either you’re a taker or a Sharer? But sharing is very magnanimous and so important today. And even sharing the Gamer with others will help you. Help the image others have of you.

Right now, all of 🇺🇸 must be kinder. All of the World must be kinder. If this were a Baseball Game, some parts are in the 3rd Inning. While few are in the 9th. And this is true for the World.

Time for carrying hates is over. You got to let that stuff go. Way past time. But right now, there are great ways to show your love. Don’t be afraid to let that stuff out. It’s okay to do this. Let it shine.

Everybody, everywhere need to go beyond themselves and help and care and love. Do it. You have nothing to lose but a hug orvkiss that You could have had if you did. 👍