FACT SHEET: Moderna COVID Vaccine


I know everyone has questions about Covid and Vaccines. Some people are stressing about getting the Vaccines. And we’re seeing now individuals who had gotten the 1st Covid Vaccine Dose, but later died after catching Covid. One important thing I see is twofold-

  1. These Vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL, being given as EMERGENCY USE ONLY. There’s no guarantee with them.
  2. People are Stressing out and seeking them at, for some, any Risk. Even stealing them! Even lying to get them.

But I’m seeing that people are having difficulty in getting the 2nd Dose. But please, let none of 🇺🇸 lose Hope. We are going to get thru this…but not as quickly as we’d like.


I recently had a person whom I cared about Die from Covid. It hurts, it’s still that WHY HER, WHY NOT ME OR U? But I’ve got family on the Front Lines and we can Pray. Yes, all of 🇺🇸 need to Pray!