COVID Ain’t Fun! Let’s End it in 2021!


This Deadly Virus keeps growing DARKER with a new Variant that is slightly more DEADLY! MORE DEADLY? WTH?

And as we watch and wait. The questions we have now are growing-

  1. When WILL I get Covid?
  2. How Bad will it be?
  3. Will it Cripple me?
  4. Will it KILL me?
  5. Will the Big Pharmas keep up with the ever changing Covid Virus?
  6. Will there be a Cure?

Exactly what is your greatest Fear with this Virus? Fear of Dying? A relative spouse or child dying? Where do you draw a line in the sand? Just how far are you willing to go to prevent it? Help or Ignore the Experts?

In JUNE of last year. WHO announced Scientists going to China to locate the actual Origin of this Deadly Virus. No. Not who got it first or where, but WHAT started it? But, they met constant resistance like vehicles blocking roads to kept them from making any headway. Dang, what does this say to you? Something or Nothing?

Now, it’s January and another WHO is once again in China to try to find the Original Source of the Virus? What caused it?

One thing still puzzles me-Why did China WELD Citizens into their homes? Images I reposted of Welding being done just amazed me and horrified me. Like being welded into a Tomb. This still bothers me. It does suggest to me that quite possibly China knew How Deadly it was. But How did they know? What made them to take such unprecedented methods?

And another thing that still concerns me is How many Scientists around the World came out in Defense at every suggestion that this Virus was Manmade and was Released or Escaped a Bat Lab in Wuhan, China. And people ignored this in the News. But I wondered why did these individuals come to the Bat Labs Defense so Quickly? What evidence did they possess? Sorry. Not buying it. Maybe you aren’t either.

Chinese Folklore stories abound of Deaths attributed to those Gallant Workers that went into Bat Caves to Harvest Bats for for a ever-growing Meat Market only to die from a Bat Disease. Killer Bats or a Killer Virus possible already known and these Caves were Marked-KEEP OUT!


But, where does the World go from here? No one wants to Die of this Deadly Virus. Everyone wants a Covid Vaccine. But soon, they too will be Obsolete. At least until they create the next one. Yes. This Virus is constantly mutating. It may now depend how quickly the Virus will evolve past the Covid Vaccines. Outpace the Vaccines? But make no mistake, it will. Viruses always do. If they are not eradicated.

But staying away from free-spirited Contact and Partying and instead, doing what the Experts are saying about How to Stay Safe is PARAMOUNT! This is working not only from preventing Covid Transmission, but for the FLU too. The FLU numbers are some of the Lowest ever. Fewer Flu cases. Worldwide.

Covid-19 Story Tip: Flu Cases Dramatically Low So Far This Season


Woman fever
Johns Hopkins Medicine experts say cases of the flu are extremely low nationwide this year, because more people received the flu vaccine, schools and businesses are holding virtual classes or meetings and fewer people have been traveling. Credit: Getty Images

Typically, the winter months bring the peak of flu season. As cases of COVID-19 have soared in the U.S. over the past few weeks, however, cases of the flu have remained extremely low.

So, does this suggest that we are seeing a much more contagious Virus with Covid than with Flu? Or does it mean people staying put and taking adding precautions for one helps with the Other? Only 925 Flu cases so far in America. These are unheard of numbers.

But everyone needs to do all that they can to put an end to COVID in 2021. Every one wants NORMALCY. That would be nice. Very nice.