Companies are saying they won’t continue to support Republicans who Attacked our Elections and launched a Coup.

Will anyone stop and think for a minute what Our Day would be like Now if the Terrorists who had attacked the U.S. CAPITOL had been successful and Killed every Representative and every Senator? For those who say that none of this was a Big Deal and Hey, it was only Five that Died, I’M SORRY, I beg to differ because all of this was a Mountainous Big Deal! No one should have Died! No one had any right to Kill an Officer of the Law or anyone for that matter.

Officer screaming in pain!

Had they killed Vice-President Mike Pence and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell, what would be your bidding then be? Who else would you want to see Dead? You would accept the Terrorists killing them? Well, I’M SORRY, I do not want any of them Dead or Killed or harmed in any way! And for those of you who do feel as I, I Salute you. These were bloody Terrorists.

One Recorded Communication during the Attack on the U.S. CAPITOL said they “we need to Trap them in tunnels and turn the Gas on”. Trap the Legislators and Kill them with Gas! Nothing is so eerily reminiscent than this bringing back memories of the Jewish People in the Nazi Concentration Death Camp! Hitler Mania!

What bloodlust resides in your Hearts? How much Blood-Letting must there be? All Five that Died were reportedly Republicans and why were they killed?

What drove these tens of thousands to break through barricades which did injure those at the Barricades, but again, what drove these Terrorists to do this?


Shamefully Disgraceful Actions! Horrible!

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I believe the Love of Money was at the core of all of this. The real reason behind all of this.

Forget any Party Affiliation, this Horrible Masterfully executed Terrorist Act was carried out by those who brandished hatred in their hearts. Incredulous to even think such Acts had been planned. Planned Killings! Killings of men and women picked by Our Country to serve We, all of Us, the People. And they came so very close to being successful in giving Trump what he had been fiendishly trying to get-an illegal 2nd Term in Office.

  1. Had the Killings taken Place, very similar to how Putin took Over, Trump would have Declared Martial Law and Held onto Power by this very action.
  2. Had the Coup worked.

And by either Action, would you, could you accept the Outcome of Either? Could you truly accept the Glue That comes under the Rule of a Dictator? No matter how you mix the bowl, Trump’s illegal Act would make him a Dictator. And if you think that the Country would just sit back and accept a COUP or Martial Law keeping Trump in Power, you better think again because the World would see this as bad as an Adolf Hitler Event. Hitler Mania!

The World wants to be just like America and on January 6, Some Americans gave everyone in the World some sour milk to drink. Lots of spoiled milk to drink and a sour stomachs to boot. The whole event cannot be said to be anything but How Disgusting it was. And it WAS. Historic Heinous Crimes.

But here come the excuses flying off the handle in such sickening attempts to justify all of it. But make no mistake, there was planning and there was collusion. But who knew that even Law Enforcement Officers, Retired folks, and who knows who else would believe the Crazy Wild Conspiracy Theories? I felt like something was coming, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I bet you never expected anything like this either. But the believers of the Lies is a massive amount of people who were led astray by a masterful wizard of words, yes, a man who knew every gambit of trickery from all the deals the man had made and then, he called up his Forces of True Believers calling them to Washington, D.C. and then basically Ordered them to Strike a blow for Tyranny!

In a Russia, the Loser would have been Hanged. And all of those who attacked the Kremlin would have been Hanged.

But the only Tyranny was his Trickery to Steal the Election thru Brute Force. Through Terrorists Activities. And again, they were almost successful. And could you live with yourself had the Legislators been KILLED? Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence! Their Deaths would be Okay with You? Are you stupid or what? Killings them were in the Air, on their Agenda! And will you now pass along more Untruthful Statements in how you can Justify the Acts of these Terrorists? Will they make you feel better when you do? And as the Videos of everything comes out, the more realistic of pure Horror the whole Event Unfolds.

Planned Murders cannot be Excused! No one can make false statements of Planned Murder like No. It wasn’t all that bad. The Hell you say. It’s every bit as bad. No one can tell any of us that Hurting and Injuring The State Capitol Police was or is an Acceptable Thing. An acceptable Act. It is horrifically wrong. Inexcusable Acts. Unexcused in every aspect! Yet. There will once again be those making every excuse for the Acts of this Terrorist Mob. Excuses completely embedded in Conspiracy Theories. And they will pump out their Chests begging anyone to Call them a Liar as they spread their falsehoods.

But by God, History will remember them quite possibly as true Traitors to Our Democracy. Democracy was under Fire!

There will be no excuses explaining the Actions of any of these individuals. There will be no acceptable and truthful excuses when the Senate Republicans exonerate Trump of any wrongdoings in the 2nd IMPEACHMENT Trial. There will be no excuses as millions launch unrealistic truths trying to JUSTIFY the Actions of both Trump and those who attacked our sacred Capitol. Make no mistake, that was Our Capitol, Those Sacred Halls were serenaded with Open Rebellion in an attempted Coup.

Terrorist Attempting to Overthrow the Election!

And this Rebellious Mob of Terrorists were stoked-up into a frenzy by those Speaking at the Podium during a SAVE AMERICA Rally!

“SAVE AMERICA” from what? Hellfire, the only one who might be able to “Save America” now is President Joe Biden. His biggest challenge will be to set the Clock back to where all of 🇺🇸 is not hammered constantly with False Conspiracy Theories. But alarmingly is How many swallowed them wholehearted. I never saw that one coming, well part of it I did, but I sluffed it off like a bad dream. And then came January 6, 2021.

Is Trump Unimpeachable? Not if you consider the Fact that he asked the Georgia Secretary of State to Change the Outcome of the Georgia Election. Not if you consider Trump saying Pence Had the Power to Change the Electoral College Votes to give him a 2nd Term. And For Pence to do this.

Both of those are very Impeachable. But again, the ultimate Act was the Match that lite the Fire of the Terrorist Mob And that was Trump Himself. Murder wss intended. This cannot be overlooked. The Terrorists will pay with money And some with Jail Time. And who says-Trial by Combat? Madmen do these things is one simple reason. Putin does! Putin did and more than once. But the planning cannot be overlooked. Who exactly planned these Acts? Planning did take place.