Is the Vietnam War stuck in your Head?

Between 1965 and 1975, the United States and its allies dropped more than 7.5 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—double the amount dropped on Europe and Asia during World War II. Pound for pound, it remains the largest aerial bombardment in human history.

In late 2016, the United States Department of Defense publicly released records of almost every bombing and ground-attack mission flown during the Vietnam War. (Ground-attack missions are strikes against ground targets carried out with rockets, missiles, cannons, and other non-free-falling ordnance.) The data, meticulously digitized from the aircrews’ original after-action reports, allows us to visually reconstruct the air campaign, shedding new light on its sheer scale, intensity, and complexity.

Is the Vietnam War stuck in your Head?

It might be. It was on the News every day. It preoccupied many an American Mind both here and there.

Friends died. Family Died. On Both sides! A WALL MEMORIAL was built and the memory keeps going on. For me, I saw too many Vietnam Veterans fighting demons from having been in the Vietnam War. I’m a Vietnam-Era Veteran and I thank God I did not have to go there. Instead. I was sent to South Korea instead to protect a Dictator and South Korea frim an imminent Attack Coming from North Korea. But there, I saw many a Soldier hurt, yes, deeply hurt in their minds trying to escape a haunting past of a horrible War.

So, please never Forget any Veteran from any War.

They deserve our deepest Respect and Admiration…We “have” because of them. Yes, all of us do. And let NONE FORGET the sacrifices our Brave Soldiers have undergone in multiple TOURS in Iraq and Afghanistan. I Saluted the Memory Today of a U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Who died in a skirmish in Tik-Rit Iraq on January 6, 2009. He was in his SIXTH TOUR! Jesus, we must put a Close to those Wars. End them. And if we must leave from Iraq and Afghanistan like we left from Vietnam, then SO BE IT! It’s way past our time to leave both of these Countries.