I Salute each of you Up with HONOR and my deepest Respect!


I raise up these Ten individuals up in Honor and with my deepest respect. Each of you Voted with Your Conscience and Your Duty to this Country. I know this action took great power on Your part. Your Bravery under the stress of Enemy Fire, these ten of you rose up and took the Position of Opposition. Each of you revealed outstanding Courage. Fortitude. And yes, Bravery. I applaud each of you.

• Rep. Gonzalez (OH) 
• Rep. Meijer (MI)
• Rep. Upton (MI)
• Rep. Cheney (WY)
• Rep. Katko (NY)
• Rep. Kinzinger (IL)
• Rep. Rice (SC) 
• Rep. Herrera Beutler (WA)
• Rep. Newhouse (WA)
• Rep. Valadao (CA)

If you don’t know why, you need to find out now.

Of the People, For the People, By the People…

And sure, I’ll tell you. These Ten chose to Impeach President Donald J. Trump in the U.S. House of Representatives. And I know all of them will now come under attack from the Trumpists. Yes. They’ll come out and I pray that do not do harm to you or your Families.

God Bless you and Your Families!


The Living Breathing James Brown

U.S. Army Veteran