What has Covid Taught You?

Yes, what has Covid Taught all of us? Don’t want it is maybe the first thing. None of us want it. And with it, we learned a new word-

P A N D E M I C!

Yes, that’s a word most of is might have scanned in a News Article from way back when the last one hit way back to around 1918-1920. But most of us weren’t taught anything about it. No, it was skipped for WWI and all it brought. And the other Wars were taught. Most never knew much about Polio unless you were unlucky and got it like I did. But even I skipped the Spanish Flu and most did take a peep at Ebola. But again, it wasn’t in our World unless you were fighting it.

But There was the Swine Flu and the OH WHAT A FUCKING that was in getting those Shots. And again, here we are again in a Getting the Shot Nightmare and most haven’t received a Covid Vaccine but a bunch have already gotten both Shots. But quit focusing on it and no, that’s not the Big Things that you may have learned from Covid.

Not ever gonna work as Hard ever again after Covid. Boy, that’s one that is at the Top of some Lists. We’ve actually found what’s important and what we can live without.

Prioritizing. Caring. Living. Loving. These might be the most important. Leaving a Tip. But it has taught all of us what really matters and what DOESN’T. Attacks on America’s Karma came around. And we’ve seen a Distraction on many things by many people.

We’ve seen good, caring things taking place and FUCK, the antics of those who found Covid a Game to play. And we saw things that upset all of us. Mostly camouflaged jacket White Trash appeared in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. And all of us saw it coming because the DICK in charge told us things no one had ever heard before. The DICK told us repeatedly that Democrats were the ENEMY. AMERICA’S ENEMY! And the Stolen Election was pipe dream smoke. But the Thugs had been waiting for a chance to come out of their Caves and have their One Day and some will now be hunted for the rest of their Lives. Not much of a trade-off if you ask me. But I’m still pissed they came and pissed on such a sacred place. Don’t ever tell me an excuse cause I know the DICK and DICK’s Words that brought all of them out.

But what has Covid Taught you? Like seeing the Refrigerator Truck Morgues isn’t a memory most of us or our kiddos will forget. And no. Don’t try hiding it. If they ask, tell the truth and explain it. So many people are dying in the Hospitals that here isn’t room for These Dead Bodies at Funeral Homes.

But tell the Truths. I find telling the Truth to be paramount more now than ever before. And it still amazes me How many have been Fooled. And that always brings around the lovable saying-a fool and his money is quickly departed.

Having graduated in College in English with my emphasis on World Literature, I learned a great deal of a basic knowledge. But what it taught me was that my Education in World Literature was just beginning. And no, I’m still not the most Learned. One of the most interesting things I discuss purchase a book on Famous Quotes and read all of it to see what others now dead has left all of us. But you also learn who has been using them trying to appear extra smart. Lol

BFBut World Literature is tricky. If you don’t watch yourself, you’ll travel in only one direction. Might even study and become a student of a totally different Ideology than what others around you would understand. But you need to be able to see and understand everyone. When I write, I have to remind myself that I have a World Audience where people from all over the world come to read my words or see pictures I Post. So yes, I’m conscious of them and I try not to Offend.

But this Covid has affected all of us all over the World. And it has forced all of us to make decisions that we never thought we’d ever make. But look, I write fiction too. But that’s pretty obvious like my teasing of Aliens on Mars and Time Travel. But sure, it’s rough in many other not happy ways, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

Seeing who survives and who won’t will be upon all of us soon. 2021 and 2022 will be tough years for the World. Commerce and World Trade will continue to slow on some things and increase on Others.

Watching TV is at an All-Time High! And I hope you’ll look at the Old Movies that you never saw before. There are a ton of gems on YouTube that are older than all get out. Movies in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and so on. Songs too.

Reading books are a good thing and I do rrecommend A Panther’s Father by the Living Breathing James Brown. It’s what I learned and studied in College to be a Novel with an actual Family Saga. It follows the Roosevelt Family History from Africa to New Orleans to NYC and to Los Angeles. It also includes Vietnam. But there are Black, White, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Characters in it. And a ton of Animals. And an old, very Old Patriarch of the Roosevelt Family-Granny Z. But it’s a rollercoaster and it will take you on a long ride. Books Two and Book Three continue following the Roosevelt Family. Book Four still sits inside my Computer awaiting a Book Cover Design from a person from Pakistan.

But Books are important and writing one yourself will Help you Look at yourself. You will ultimately see you. And your kids writing one will help you see their real needs and show you what is bothering them. It doesn’t have to be a book. It can be a Diary. Or just give them some paper and a pencil and ask them to write you a story. But by now, hopefully you’ve learned How to Communicate with your kiddos. And once you take them for granted, get ready for getting Upset.

How you feel is important and actively listening to Others is important. Put that FUCK phone down!

Lol. I just read that most people won’t pay attention until you use the FUCK word. Lol. Okay, I used it and way out of context. Lol

Okay, remember to have those Goals and do plan to achieve them still. You can do it. You can. Right now, the two biggest things most people are doing are making a Grocery List or writing or paying out Bills. But we all got them.

Most people don’t have a plan on anything. No one taught them how to do certain things as more and more Family Leaders are dying of Covid. Generations of knowledge has been lost forever. Lessons that could have, should have been taught will not be trial and error for many.

But if you go to the right sources, you can still learn what you need or want to know. But don’t give up. Keep strong and don’t mess with drugs or Booze. But cut those out of your lives…be an all around good person.