Lotus Eyes-a glaring Movie of 🇺🇸’S Future?

Imagine an all out Collapse on all the World Economies. Money is Gone! Life as we know it is gone. And soon. Survival of the individual is upon the poorest. And this movie is going to make you sit back and take look at the real possibilities. Not good ones at that. Yo gonna be killed over food?

Searching for his distant uncle’s farm, a 16-year-old runaway takes an across the land trip on foot fighting for his life in a desolate post oil-crash American landscape until two other lost Souls full of mysterious as these strangers offer hope of survival as other lost Souls are trapped everywhere and all are trying to Survive. Sudden Death awaits anyone anywhere. No. It is not In Your Face Drama. It’s the worst kind that is Slow intense Drama that slowly pulls the viewer into a World that you didn’t want to see. Are you going to be one of these individuals and which ones? Or do you not make it this far?

This Movie could be your future. It could be all of ours. But watch it. It will upset you.