Dog and Cat Food! The New Old People Food!

Years ago, actually about 15, I remember reading the Book in the Prison Library about living on the Road. You know, with no place to go. With no solid roof over your head. Millions this they do every day. And you might think this is a Joke. But living dirt poor really stinks. And many are now facing Dirt Poor Days. The Book of Bums told which Brands were best that wouldn’t make your Stomach upset.

During the Pandemic, tons of folks are now in their Cars. Out of their Homes and into a Life many have never thought possible for them. And instantly, No Job, and no place to go. And when it comes down to pinching pennies, priorities take place. Food and Water and Gasoline to keep you from freezing if you can afford gasoline. The local shelter done filled-up a long times back. And now, you are Stuck with a way Of means that is upsetting to say the least.

But Taxes must be paid if you are riding out the Pandemic in a house or apartment. And somewhere along the way, you come across the worst of it. You develops a taste for dog or cat food. You know, you buy it and you know it’s for you. Forget about this or that, you’re just trying to live to see another day. Just one more of day of life. That’s all you want and that another day of life is Today.

And you’ve already learned to not use Toilet Paper cause you can’t buy any. You are alone and you have a river of tears hiding behind your eyes now. Your Pride left three weeks ago. Now, you are challenged by just living to find something to eat. And it’s Cat Food or Dog Food.

But which ones are Best?

If it is manufactured under a good manufacturing code (95% of European pet food plants and pretty similar in the US) it would be safe ( i.e. from bacterial contamination, mould).

I have had clients who snacked on a dry dog food and one who ate a bowl of canned food his wife had left in the fridge (does not really say much for her cooking, perhaps).

Dog nutrient requirements are similar to those of humans and a good dog food might be better than the foods some people chose to eat. Cat food would be higher in protein and probably calories; not necessarily higher in sodium. It would likely contain more of some vitamins and and amino acid taurine, none of which would hurt you. But is it safe?

Define “safe.”

While pet food is manufactured to human consumption standards (if it was not, it would have to carry a label stating that it was not) it would be unwise to consume it on a regular basis. Lower cost types of dog food contain quantities of bone meal, which don’t harm a dog (and actually aid in their digestion) but could cause a human beings serious gastrointestinal issues.

Unless you are seeking expensive medical bills (and possible hospitalization) then you should research lower cost, but nutritious, foods or work two jobs until you have saved enough to buy quality consumables.

Canines need more fat than humans, which is their primary energy source. … On the other hand, cats do not eat like dogs, nor should they be eating dog food or a typical human diet. For one, cats need to eat more meat due to the presence of an amino acid called taurine, which is only found in animal-based proteins. In principle, people can eat grass; it is non-toxic and edible. As a practical food source, however, your lawn leaves a lot to be desired. There are two main problems with a grass diet. The first is that human stomachs have difficulty digesting raw leaves and grasses. Go to my Profile and you can find all Dog Training material there…

So, would a Herd of Animals eating on

your front yard really upset you?. Especially when the Herd were all PEOPLE? But are you still contemplating eating either Dog or Cat Food?

They are edible. They are made out of plants and animals we eat though generally with higher amounts of ash/potassium. You will need to suplement your diet with other foods though.

Think about this nutrition fact about dog and cat food. It has to contain all nutritions required for a dog to stay healthy without any other food source than water.

But this is not a laughing matter. It’s serious dilemmas more and more are facing daily. It’s sad, it’s heart-breaking. But it’s more so for the person feeding it to their own kids. Or to you at a Mexican or Chinese Restaurant. Or a hamburger Joint claiming to be 100% All Natural. It’s not laughable is it? It’s a Dying shame to some.

Old people aren’t the only ones now eating Dog or Cat Foods. You might one day too.