Enjoy what you Enjoy! Dine on your Own Fun!

What are you going to do today?

are you happy or are you sad?

what would be your joy today?

you can either be happy or are you can be sad.

the choice is yours.

I hope that you will choose happiness

enjoy but only you can make that decision

it’s easy to do it only you without others deciding things for you

you must make yourself happy

and you can

it’s a hard time today but it doesn’t have to be your hard time

it doesn’t have to be you’re unhappy time

no you can be happy

you can enjoy something you like eating

you can enjoy watching something you enjoy but you must make the decision to be happy

don’t sit around watching nothing but sad things

listening to sad people

watching sad things only on TV

watching things that make you upset

watching and getting upset about things you can’t control

and that’s what is this is all about controlling what you can control

and you can control you being happy

are you being sad

you can decide to get drunk

you can decide to read a book

you can decide to write a song

you can decide to write a poem

you can come on an go outside

you can decide to call somebody you like

someone you enjoy but you must make that decision right now

you need to take your mind to a happy place

most of the news is sad news

it’s about sad stuff that makes it all of us fed-up

and we are now in some rough times

our little boat is in some Rough Waters but we can get back to calm Waters by making the decision to get back to those calm Waters

there’s a ton of things to do

what’s a good movie what’s a movie that you love

but you’ll like watching all 6 seasons of schitt’s Creek it’s a great show

and it said that they’re not doing six more seasons but they should be yes they should be but sometimes it’s best to stop while you’re on top

I’m still waiting for you to stop scraping bottom

but I love the way they handled gay things

one of the hardest things a gay person does is being open about their gayness and I applaud schitts Creek 4 + gay like they did

It was good it was nice it was a great senior community too

and yes gay people are in all walks of life and all ages and the sooner the world accepts them the better the world will be but let’s get back to you and now you need to get happy

You need to have your happiness brought back to yourself and only you can do that

when you look in the mirror ask yourself what can I do to be happy again what must I do to be happy again how can I bring my happiness back

there’s so many different ways like cooking a nice meal for yourself eating some food you like eating some candy you like but whatever you do don’t sit around in your negative sad self

I’m not happy and you and I again can find happiness again

yes you can yes you can be happy again

I quit watching so much news

I don’t like news it’s all ugly and hateful and it makes me sad when I hate see brutality

I hate seeing police brutality but I’m not going to let it steal my joy and I’m not going to be able to do much about it

I don’t accept it

it is bad but look again it’s time to wean yourself off the things that make you sad

doing too many things that make you sad will keep you sad

when it’s time to get out of that so sadness you must get out of it

yes it’s time to get out of the sadness

One quick way is simple

try going to YouTube and watching some old west westerns

take a minute to look at the past there was a time when if I had two pair of jeans and two shirts and that meant I was lucky

yes I was lucky cause I came from a poor family and a family that some people don’t understand

if you weren’t poor you won’t know what I’m talking about eating mustard sandwiches for lunch or supper or toast for breakfast

there wasn’t any snacking because there was nothing to snack on

there was no food no extra food there was enough food to eat

but no extra food

those are some interesting times

they were good times

we didn’t have a ton of news

we’d watch the 5:30 news and that was that was it

We didn’t smoke wiggle dance a tin can all about News all the time 24/7 all week long and grow sickly with it always sharing dumb idiot stories just to make others sickly too

we only got one TV channel in aspermont Texas

so you didn’t watch TV what was this afternoon

we’re not doing like everybody spending most of time on tv news


We stayed mostly outside playing or working but we didn’t sit around playing video games

we didn’t spend all day long in the house

we got outside and we experienced life

real life

not TV life

Now its all something some in dry loneliness

it’s wild how things have changed

yes it’s wild how things have changed

it is amazing how things have changed

Now, get to getting happy again and keep others happy too

Think a minute about happier times and what you were doing when you were so gosh darn funny crazy wild happy

America, help yourself get happy cause when you do, you’ll make the young kids happy too.