Chicago gets an “A+”, other Cities and States get a resounding “F” on Vaccinations, including Texas!

Doses have been distributed behind the government’s initial schedule – 15 million, instead of the 20 million doses promised to be delivered by the end of 2020. About 70% of those doses are sitting on pharmacy shelves, according to government data, and only about 14% of doses destined for nursing home residents and caregivers have been injected.

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Everyday, I keep wondering on what the Delay on the Vaccines is and I bet you are wondering too. In Chicago, they are saying a year and a half to do their City? At this Rate. The World is in for a messy four or five years. To have Vaccines sitting and not being given is awfully fishy.

People are worried. People are concerned. And with Articles saying that above information is bad. It’s the SNAFU like the Swine Flu Vaccinations all over again. A totally incompetent set of affairs. Some are saying-It is not our responsibility to give out the Vaccines to everyone. No one designated us. And we never agreed.

Why wasn’t the ones willing to give out the Shots to everyone given both Doses already and NOW out Giving the Shots? But they’re not. No. It’s turned into a catastrophe of irresponsibility. No one wants the Job of Jabbing Folks Arms.

Why? They don’t want to become LIABLE! No one wants to give out Shots and watch folks for 15 minutes to see if those given Shots are going to have an allergic reaction. And what to do if they do? I’m guessing a Nurse needs to be present or a Doctor.

There is nothing in place to keep the shot givers Liability Protections. And it shouldn’t be them worrying about this at all. It’s the Manufacturer and it’s still EMERGENCY USE ONLY!

So, everyone knows that they are getting a sort of a Frankenstein Shot.

But those Shots are better than being Killed by the Covid-19. Everyone must decide for themselves. But these Meds sitting idly on Shelves or in freezers is not a good thing.

Wouldn’t it be more Prudent to help everyone get the Covid Vaccine Shots instead of trying to Find another 11,780 Votes in Georgia that don’t EXIST?