Extraterrestrial Beings will be Heard in 2021!

While many think Man is One and Done on every Level, but it’s Time to Shake off those Spider Webs keeping everyone from accepting anything else. Man, we think, is the only one of His Kind. So Be It.

But in 2021, that Man Only Rule is going to get compromised. It’s going to get Tested. And does that mean your Beliefs will be Tested too? Absolutely not. Don’t even go down that Road and let a speck of non-belief get into your mind. Extraterrestrials are a whole Nother Game.

And like the Covid-19, Extraterrestrials Signals will be found in China too. And then, when this Information is Released, what are you going to do?

Try just smiling and say-It’s about time. Or, it Took long enough, didn’t it? Lol

But with the Most Aggressive Antenna on Earth, China means Business. And it’s going to find First what No one thought possible-Yes, the Little Green Men.



Fast, the world’s largest radio telescope, will open to non-Chinese scientists later this year for a wide range of projects, including the search for alien civilisations.

Researchers interested in using the 500 metre (640 feet) wide telescope in the southwestern region of Guizhou can submit their proposals to the National Astronomical Observatories in Beijing starting from April 1.

As demand is expected to be huge, an expert panel will help screen the proposals for the most promising candidates. Foreign scientists may be able to start using the facilities by August, said Jiang Peng, the telescope’s chief engineer.

“This year we will allocate about 10 per cent of the total observation time slots to requests from overseas,” he told the official Xinhua news agency.

WOW! So what’s your Proposal? What particular part of the Sky do you want to check out? But more importantly, exactly what Bandwidth would you want to check? Would they transmit on Light Waves? Or parts of Electron Snippets? And in Space, How far does a Scream travel? But, one point I think is possible is that they most likely transmit in bleeping light beeps faster than anything that we can comprehend. So fast that nothing we have will catch the individuality of each bleep light. In other words, hold a flashlight and turn it off and on towards someone at night. The other person can easily Count the flashes. But now, try doing electron snippets with an One-Trillionth speed of being turned On and Off. By the time we see it, get it, we see only One Long Signal. We do not have anything on Earth presently that see the differences in the one seemingly kneeling signal. In a single minute, a million sets of Encyclopedias could be transmitted. And we’d never know it.

So, we’re still thinking Too Slow because we can’t speed-up our thought processes to a point where we could hear a thousand people talking at the same time and understand all of them. Not going to happen.

But what is Up there in our Sky? None of us know anything but what we know. We can guess or wish to know that We Are Not Alone but the more we look, the more we learn that No, we haven’t found all of it yet. And I’m only talking by our telescopes. Exactly at what Distance is the pint where Surrounding Light will mute Old or Faint Light. In other words, until you travel “X” Light Years Out there with an extremely Great Telescope with you. There will be Light Never seen here on Earth.

So, No, The World has still Not Mapped all the Galaxies. No, not at all. And what else can “push” light to travel even Faster? This is another Quantum Physics question that would win someone a Nobel Prize if they can prove it not impossible. And lots and lots of light spectrum imagery is not completely understood. No, man is a long way understanding everything. And yes, Man is still fixated on a One on One talk with GOD.

And if so, what would you ASK God?

But, there is plenty of amazing things yet to be found? Great Things. Stunning Things.

One of the most interesting things I enjoy reading are the individuals who say that they are actual Time Travellers. But if they are, they all appear to not be good Readers of History. Off they were, they’d have told us about this PANDEMIC. Right? Or if a Cure is coming? If so, when?