Will the Crazy Wild take place in D.C. on January 6th?

At the urging of President Donald Trump, however, die-hard supporters are planning to descend on the nation’s capital Jan. 6, to pressure Republican lawmakers into aligning themselves with the doomed effort to overturn Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Knife fights, shouting matches, and verbal harassment of Trump opponents accompanied previous demonstrations



WOW! Reports in the Media like the above one have almost every possible scenario taking place in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. All of them but the most outlandish possibilities! And those would include some form of Action by President Trump himself. If Gun Battles or just some fireworks misinterpreted as Gunfire took place, and that would be highly improbable. But if it did, what Presidential Action could Trump then take? Washington D.C. has its own Police. But would President Trump One-Up them too?. It’s rumored Trump’s Voter Fraud Legal Fund has raised $1.1 Billion Dollars. So. He’s leaving with a ton of Monies

For grins and giggles, what if President Trump deemed the Violent Action in such a manner to Call it an Overthrow Attempt. A Coup to Kick him out before January 20, 2021? And that would be so totally crazy. Wild indeed. But if he did, he most likely would Declare Martial Law as he and Flynn discussed earlier and in such, he’d Order the Joint Session of Congress ended. And therefore, the Electoral College Votes would not be Counted and Certified by Vice President Pence.

Thus, the process of making President-Elect Joe Biden’s Presidential Bid Process not Complete, well, it would be halted. And the January 20th Inauguration would not be able to take place? This is where lots of Questions would begin.

And President Trump would remain President until the Martial Law was Lifted? Lots of QUESTIONS for sure.

Maybe four years later? Lol

I’m sure this scenario would not take place. But the purpose of President Trump urging his Supporters to Protest or Demonstrate on January 6 has to serve some purpose for him. A planned purpose? But if so? What is that purpose? To intimidate the Legislators? Or To encourage the Legislators? But ultimately, isn’t it to keep himself in Office by any means possible? I’m really afraid that Trump will not stop, short of killing someone, to keep his Job as President or is it the Power? Therefore, he might try to unleash “What?” on the U.S. Capitol.

Do you agree that the Electoral College Votes be changed? Be not Counted?. Changed because you want your way? If they are not Counted by a Joint Session of Congress, a UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONALLY required requirement would not take place and basically, this would negate all Votes of all Americans who Voted? Yes, those Electoral College Votes represent both Winners and Losers, but millions is Votes by Certified Voters.

But to not Count them? To shutdown the Election Results at the last minute seems crazy wild. It’d be like stealing candy from a baby.

And Declare Martial Law and rush Legislators to Secure Locations saying this was being done for their own Safety.

A well Orchestrated Plan? Could be or could it not ever happen? Part of me has a bad feeling. I’m not liking what I am feeling. I feel something Bad might happen.

Me? I don’t have a Clue what is really going to Happen. Honestly, I don’t have a Clue. I am worried about what Trump Web the man is spinning. But on Wednesday, it Should be routine and Business as Usual in Congress. And nothing else. But Trump and his certain Crazies do worry me. But hopefully, Trump Supporters would have another day to let off some Steam from the Election and to show Support for President Trump with no other consequences. I sure Hope so and nothing more. But. I don’t Trust the man. And the last time that these Supporters and others got together and such, There were some knifings. And stuff like that is just not needed. Kids go to these too. So, hopefully, every one will be nice and not naughty.

So, January 6 will be here soon and will the Day go down as just another routine Day? Or, will there be Shouting Matches? Yelling? Crazy antics in Congress? And will Vice President Pence be able to Control the possible mayhem?

But will something happen unprecedented in American History? Apparently so…Texas has already attempted to derail Election Results going all the way to the Supreme Court. But here comes yet another attempt when legally, All Legal Allegations of Voter Fraud have not turned out to have any Merit other than Wishful Rhetoric in Federal Courts. So what’s the root cause of continuing this President Trump supported Voter Fraud Allegations? Money for him? If you investigate All of his Voter Fraud Allegations he claims and Tweeted, would it not be prudent to investigate all of his Tweets? He has a Plan. But what is it? Legal or not?


Eleven more Republican senators announced Saturday they will challenge Biden’s election victory next week when Congress gathers to certify the Electoral College vote. The movement is led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who circulated the idea among Senate Republicans of voting against certification of the election unless there’s an election audit.

Will every Election now be a “Carney Show” of Lawyering Tactics tying up the Court Systems claiming Voter Fraud? I’m still upset that crazy stuff about Venezuela involved was pretty wild stuff. And all the other utterly Wild accusations.

WOW! A real threat to the Election Results or just another Publicity Stunt? Maybe Senator Cruz has his Eyes on Running in 2024? But, I don’t Trust him either. And who needs the extra Publicity? Or what?

But dang, we sure got a mess with COVID Infections and Deaths. That and the poor way the Covid Vaccines have been given out. At the present rate, only 70 million would get their 1st Dose in one Year or 35 million with Two Doses in only one Year! That would take 4-plus years to get everyone who wants a Vaccination vaccinated, if not 8 years.

And what’s up with the Pharmacist who deliberately allowed 500 Doses of Moderna Vaccine go bad? Why do that?

It’ll take three to four years to Vaccinate all who want it at this piss poor rate of Distribution. This is unacceptable. And getting these Vaccines yearly is a Joke. A Bad Joke.

But presently. All Doctors who want the Covid Vaccines will have Both Doses In them before all the Nursing Homes get theirs. And something isn’t right there in that. Is it? That makes No Sense but poor PLANNING. But I sure don’t like the 1st Come. 1st Served Approach they are using in Florida.

Israel will have its entire Country Vaccinated before America has 1/4th done.