Our Current Covid-19 Vaccinations Program in America is a Huge Failure!

Dang, we sure got a mess with COVID Infections and Deaths. That and the poor way the Covid Vaccines have been given out so far. At the present rate, only 70 million would get their 1st Dose in one Year or 35 million with Two Doses in only one Year! That would take 4-plus years to get everyone who wants a Vaccination vaccinated, if not 8 years. But wait, that doesn’t seem right, does it? Let’s look farther.

Now, let’s take a peep at the Current Covid Vaccinations Program. Why is this present one a Failure?

At the unbelievable SLOW PACE of getting the Shots out, the Healthcare Shots getting them yearly First each and every year will gum-up the Works. But, that’s just a tiny part of the bigger problem.

2.9 million got their 1st Shot in the 1st two weeks plus. How many is that a year? Gproblem.Go ahead and work the math.

Not going to work. Is it? Elderly will be screaming 1st Shot Preference every year too and millions will not have gotten their 1st Shot at all. But it gets much worse than who wants their Shots.

Also, CVS, WAL-MART, WALGREENS will be BLAMED for the slow rollout of these Shots too. It’s called passing the Buck. The Blame Game.

When you crunch the Numbers? First Ones getting theirs and then they demanding them again the Next year is not going to fair well with those still wanting their First Shots. Huh?

Do you see the dilemma? First Shots Individuals and every group afterward will be such an Overlap that IT WILL NOT WORK!

You need the Shots Every Year! And you won’t be able to Get Them!

Do you see it? Only X amount of Shots per year. Let’s put the American Population in four Groups of 70 Million. Okay. The four Groups are A, B , C, and D.

By the end of 2021, Group A gets their Shots.

By the end of 2022, Group B will want their Shots and Group A will be needing their Yearly Two Does Shots as well again. But remember, only X amount is available each year and that is both the shot availability and shot distributions on every level. Yes, all the way down from the Top down to in your arm. Not once, but Twice!

But by year four or January 2025, Group A, B, C, and D will be Overlapping so badly, the present Vaccination Program will be a Huge FAILURE. Two Shots for Two Hundred-Plus Million People each year here is Not going To Work. And they can say that when Y amount of Folks get the Shots, the Virus will be under Control or will it? What if you never get to Y? And Y is Herd Immunity.

Holding Oxford/Astrazeneca’s COVID Up here until April is UNACCEPTABLE and it is available now in the UK?

All of these Covid Vaccines are being allowed for use based on an EMERGENCY USE Approval Only anyway. Did you read that? And you want to hold a Vaccine Up? WTH?

To keep any of these Covid Vaccination Programs “ON HOLD” that have SUCCESSFULLY completed a Phase III Trial from becoming Approved is OUR Failure, too little of the Correct thinking in the 🇺🇸 is being DONE! It’s on Us! On Stupid People in Charge!

We need everyone of these Vaccines as fast as they are Ready! Otherwise, the COVID Vaccination Program will fail miserably!