Canada and Mexico are Going Full Blown Marijuana Legal? What? Yes!

Mexico Set to Become World’s Largest Legal Cannabis Market!

New law aims to boost Civil Liberties and curb Drug Cartels!

Canada to the North and Mexico to the South! Both will soon be FULL BLOWN LEGAL MARIJUANA COUNTRIES! Canada has already legalized Grass. Mexico is following and Mexico could soon be the Billion Dollars Marijuana World Distribution Country. MARIJUANA CENTRAL.

MARIJUANA Haven and Heaven and Billions are headed their way! Buying, Growing, Using, And Selling…Happy Smoke. Shipping Weed Legally in their Country and Opps! It’s Illegal Here!

Lol. This is funny. And stuck in the is 🇺🇸. And with a Hodge-Podge of States already fully Pot Legalized, I can see the New Dilemmas. We are Stuck like Chuck.

Legalizing the Green Leaf stuff is the only way to shut the Cartels Lucrative Market share of pot purchases.

But there are still too many Oldsters who continue to keep us tied to their pathetic Puritanical Briefs that only they may choose what you or I can do. And when we do anything. Control Freaks.

Without Trials! Pot Smokers remain in the Lunatics Witch Hunt Manuals. In their Gun’s aiming points. And oh boy, They can sprout Statistics and Facts that are prepared by Demonological Right Wing Conspiracy Theories.

But what a Hoot now. It’s almost laughable. But more Sad than laughable.

Some States, Pot is Legal and NOW, America will be the biggest Joke on the North AMERICAN Hemisphere.


Because America buys and uses the Most Pot in the Western Hemisphere. We are the ones that the Joke will be on…we have Lost the Pot Battle.

And if you can’t Beat them, we must Join Them. Otherwise, our Laws will look Barbaric and Out of Touch with Reality.

In other words, we won’t be able to keep this Gorilla in the Closet anymore and finally bring it out and discuss this Legalizing Marijuana here in America like rational mature Adults are supposed to do.