Texas, Texas, TEXANS, Unbelievable Horrific Cruelties Await Texas Teachers!!!

When you Texas Teachers Retire, the United States is gonna make you BLEED! And I’m talking about two of the Most Cruel, Little looked at, Open Wounds that the Government is going to put on you when you Texas Teachers RETIRE!

And why the Texas Hell all You Texas Teachers don’t DEMAND that these Two Laws get Repelled before this Shit-Covered Corn Cobs gets shoved Up Your Butt is beyond all comprehensive thought!

These Two Laws Attack You Texas Teachers and right in your Pocketbook and Shouldn’t be there at all. They are Cruel! Beyond Cruelty!

And most of you will not always work as a Texas Teacher ONLY and you’ll get another Job as well. And when you Retire or you Retire and Your Spouse Dies, You then get two Corn Cobs up in you and not just the one!

No, I’m not playing with you. The words I used might be something you don’t like hearing us Texans talk. Sorry. But you have Got to wake-up!

They are going to make a whole lot of you Cry.

No, I am NOT joking!

CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR IN WASHINGTON AND please GET THESE TWO LAWS REPELLED not just for you, but for those who have Retired and for future Texas Teachers who will Retire.

These are two of the most Unfair Laws ever written and enacted into Law out of spiteful Hatreds for everything Texas!