Getting America their Covid-19 Shot is now a National SNAFU!

America getting Vaccinated is not going anywhere like it should have. Nothing like it was supposed to be. Like promised? No, it’s not going well at all. It’s an example of a regular poorly planned Government SNAFU!


There isn’t th. COLD Storage Space Available for a Mass Amount of Vaccine Does to be Stored in Any City which puts the COVID Vaccines needing Super Cold Storage a Joke! But where are these Promised Vaccine Doses? It’s quickly becoming a National Disgrace! 20 Million Doses of Covid-19 were supposed to be Injected into the arms of 20 Million Americans! By the end of this Year! And only Two Million might get done. Just three more days and 2021 will be Here and there’s still No Viable Plan being fully planned to make getting these Shots fully Operational. Sure, the initial Rollout looked Promising, but it’s gone flatter than a pancake now. All Residents of all Nursing Homes were Supposed to be done now. But hey, when they arrive at any place and everyone there, including all workers including the yard workers, the Doses have quickly vanished. Been Used Up already and NO, the Nursing Home Elderly have not gotten their Shots like they were Told they would. If it’s true, say it, if it’s Not True, don’t tell it. And saying all Nursing Homes would get their Shots by the end of Last Week was not Happening. Lots of Elderly have Not Gotten Them! And Our Vaccines being Manufactured in China? Huh? Not all, but yes some are…being made in 🇨🇳.

But let’s see now-

  1. People haven’t been trained!
  2. Locations to give Shots have NOT been designated.
  3. Information is Lagging because the Ones In Charge don’t Have a CLUE Because even their minds are overwhelmed!
  4. Nothing was Set-Up! Plans on Paper were done and that’s where the Magic Stopped.
  5. Doctors and Nursing Homes and Hospital Administration and some Nurses have gotten the Shots. But not ALL Nursing Homes! Not all Nurses.
  6. Just gonna Deliver the Shots to CVS or WALGREENS and you can get it or not. What?

But No Mass Vaccination Plans were ever in the Mix except on Paper Or in the minds of the Public. Turning the Ball over to each State hasn’t gone well, but How can it when the States haven’t gotten the Number of Doses promised.

Getting all the Shot Material, DATA CONSENT FORMS, INFORMATION FORMS are still not done on any Level of Oh Yeah, We’re Ready! BRING it On!

There are so many missed and Mixed Messages that No One knows what to Expect Next!

So, sometime this year, you should be able to get the Shot. But some folks are saying that they are expecting, even demanding, $65 Dollars per hour to give the Shots to us.

WOW! All of us need to Sign-Up to give Shots at that Pay amount.

$65 × 70 hours = $4550 per week! Working ten hours per day all week and in one month, you got a lot of money.

But the UK ain’t messing around with Stadiums being set-up for Mass Inoculations.