Where are the Stupid at People in TEXAS? Huh?

You know what? That’s a good Question. Or it should be-Where are the Stupidest People in Texas? And what City? What County? Do the Stupids come from? But where are Texas’s Stupidest People?

In TEXAS Prisons! Stupid Folk! A ton of Stupid Folks are there.

And they are not necessarily mentally handicapped in any way. Except for their Dumb ASS decisions. Decisions that put them in Prison. And did you Help put them there? Most Crimes require Opportunity! Leaving your Car Unlocked. House Unlocked. Did your Actions give someone the Opportunity to do a Crime?

And most would say-I never did.

So, why are the Po PO Reports say everything but that one line-

Crime aided by the Victim!

So, it takes a Stupid Person to Encourage another Stupid Person to Commit a Crime because they made the Criminal Opportunity available in the first place.

There’s no excuse for it. Being Stupider than the Criminal makes Texas the Land of the Stupidest People in America.

WOW! What a Title-Texas, Land of the Stupidest People in America. And maybe, the meanest too.

Texas prides itself on its Outlaw Past. Texas does Love and Hate Outlaws. They love them when you call them Outlaws and Hate them when you call them Criminals.

And Texas has had a slew of them. And the type of Crime matters too. Texas Hates Rapes and Loves Bank Robbers. Some Bank Robbers only get Probation. Especially when no gun was used. Just a Note that says-Give me The Money. Ok. Lol

Child Molesters hold a special place on the Hatred List for Texans. It’s at or near the Top! So, don’t dick around with kids. Even Naked kid pics will burn you up too. Get you a long Prison Sentence and a Sign in the Yard?

But after the smoke clears. The stupidest Folks in Texas still are in Texas Prisons and the Stupidest People in America are in Texas! Yes, they are…