Riding on the back of a Chinese Dragon…?

Who? Or Whom? Riding or piggybacking? But who is? And with China’s Blessing.


North Korea spends a lot of its GDP on Weapons of Mass Destruction!

What is this? This is a North Korean ICBM on Wheeled Carrier! The latter allows for this State of the Art Weapon to be moved around constantly and hidden from Attackers. It’s RANGE is China, Indonesia, Guam, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the United States.

And next is China’s most Advanced Mobile Missile.

Now, did you see any similarities? I’m talking about the Missile Wheeled Carriers?

China’s is 16 Wheels.

North Korea’s is 22 Wheels which can account for multiple Warheads or one very large one.

But both are manufactured by the same Chinese Company. And all Chinese Companies are halter and bridle connected to China’s Government. So, whatever a Chinese Company is doing, it has to have the Blessings of the Government.

So, in other words, China knew an ICBM was being built and that the North Korean ICBM Missile would need a special Wheeled Carrier. But who exactly provided such a thing?

China-based firm Wuhan Sanjiang 


But the last line in the above Article I do not agree with-The WS51200 trucks appear to have been exported to North Korea without the Chinese government’s knowledge of their ultimate use.

That’s a Joke! China ALWAYS knows everything. That’s why it Called an Authoritarian Regime. A Communist Country through and through.

But it’s interesting that just recently shown photos this year shows exactly How Far Kim has brought his Nuclear Missile Program. From Vocal and Loud to now being very Quiet. Even taking a low profile.

And that brings out a couple of important Questions-

  1. Who provided Kim with the Complete ICBM technologies?
  2. Who does Kim Plan to USE his ICBM’s Upon?
  3. What Plan of Attack will North Korea USE?

Historians and Think-Tanks have and will continue to discuss the above Questions and the Best Plans to retaliate or Prevent any USE of these ICBMs.

I’m already written that only Ten ICBMs would be needed to Beat any Country in the World Today. And it’s True. And that’s the scary part about all of this.

If Kim had the Navy and Transportation Capabilities to move his Army anywhere in the World, he’d be a very scary sort of little FELLOW. Even a highly Dangerous one.

But Covid-19 loves folks with Diabetes and Kim has that. But trying to bring North Korea out of it’s DEVOTED COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY is like finding a needle in a Forest. Not gonna happen.

And here’s a new toy Russia has now Tested!


A new Russian intercontinental weapon that can fly 27 times the speed of sound became operational Friday, Russia’s defense minister reported to President Vladimir Putin, bolstering the country’s nuclear strike capability.

To win any Global War Today, you’ll need to take out the Satellites. Killing Communications is a Big Plus. Killing Supply Lines.

And Nuking them before they Nuke you! The Last to Nuke most likely will be the Loser.

But instead of worrying about any of the ABOVE, Carjackings are On the Rise all across America like a wild Buffalo Stampede! U better be aware of this!