Most of all, you might not get an Opportunity to choose which one you take. Or get presented with another one? But, if I understand this correctly, both will help you get ONLY a milder case of COVID-19 instead of a Severe one if you do get COVID after you receive Both Doses of the same COVID Vaccine Brand and so many days pass after that 2nd Dose So yes. A Shot or Dose is far better than No Shot or No Dose. Better to be in the Bunker with every one else so that we can BEAT this Darn Virus.

An RN has told me Horror Stories and this is not anything to Play with. This is not the Rattlesnake in the Glass Container where People watch to see if you jerk your hand away when the Rattlesnake strikes at your hand as you put your hand on the glass. You have a piece of glass protecting you. With Covid-19, there is No Glass Panel! This is a Deadly Virus!