China’s Never-ending Over Manufacturing for Americans and the World…

Child Labor, Work Labor Camps, Labor Prisons. Where your next Item you Buy might include work from a 9-year old chained to a Sewing Machine with a Daily Output Quota. A faceless, expressionless child.

You ever watched some of the Old Movies and News Reels showing disgusting Labor Brothels that create what you buy? And so, does a Child bound into Manufacturing Servitude mean anything to ya?

Was your great-grandparents in the above pictures?

So, it upsets you when it’s Here, but Okay elsewhere in a place that is poorly ventilated and poorly cooled. Well, what do you think?

But stop and look at what you Bought today that came from China? 96% 9f Americans will be using something from China Today. And with 78% of Labor Laws Overlooked, kids and Old people alike are Stuck in poor everything. But who cares? Do you? No, not likely so.

And what a way to find your pants pulled down when you suddenly realize that most of your medical Safety Equipment is made in CHINA. And when the Pandemic hit, the PPE from China STOPPED. And Nurses and Doctors had to, were forced to go without and then forced to REUSE things that weren’t meant to be used over and over and over again.

So, why’s everyone taking all Products made from China with No Regards? No regards to whether that something came out of a Sweaty Labor Shop of Forced Labor from children.

Ya, don’t even care, but you should…