Some not waking-up to Happy Christmas in Nashville…

They are saying that apparently, this was a deliberate Act. And on Christmas? Here’s a TWEET on Twitter-

BREAKING: This is the RV that exploded on 2nd Ave N this morning. It arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 a.m. Have you seen this vehicle in our area or do you have information about it? Please contact us via Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463 or online via @ATFHQ

63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, a Nashville area resident, had a similar make and model RV as the one in photos released to the public.

After reading numerous Articles, this RV parked. Gun Shots were heard in the area. Then 15 minutes before the Explosion, a woman’s Voice started announcing that there was a Bomb inside the RV and was going to EXPLODE. Even giving a Countdown until the Bomb Went Off. And it’s Destructive Force was Unleashed in a Big Explosion. So far. No Reports are saying who or why or what and so on. The F.B.I. is in Charge of the INVESTIGATION.

And why Nashville? Will this be the wake-up Call that breaks into America’s Psyche and are more to come? What and Why? Coordinated or Lone Wolf? Or Revenge? Or what? Why?

I hated seeing this ugly News. This is sad…I did look at what chatter was going on at Twitter. Some was crazy as wild Crap flying. Here’s one I wanted to share-

Everyone’s thoughts were crazy wild. The above did make me stop to think. There’s just too much guessing right NOW. I’m sure the Proper Authorities will Address 🇺🇸 when they find the Truth.

I did have to do a double take on where this Happened.

I thought it might be Mafia and in Chicago when I first glanced at the first image.

But in Nashville?

Why Nashville?