THE MIDNIGHT SKY-a 5-Star Movie that will hypnotize you…

THE MIDNIGHT SKY is one of the deepest Movies a person will View in 2020. And it’s going to be a Guaranteed CULT followers Movie for Decades. Right up to 2049 when we all take the plunge…a last plunge…

At times I thought I was watching 2001: A Space Of Odessey. But as the action moves along, the deep, darker themes fermenting inside the minds of most Viewers are just beginning to grow like overaged Bourbon. Everyone will ask-could this be? Please, don’t say this is how the tale finally Revels. And as you Watch, you become shocked. Not once, but numerous Times. Alarmingly so.

A young child. A quiet girl full of innocence, but warm hearted. An Old man with terminal illness. An arriving Spacecraft returning from a successful mission that investigated Life elsewhere. Alien Life. Alien Images. Flashpoints pop out like quick flashcards only to dissect the fragile womb of woman. And a name? Any name might do, but it won’t.

And hugs galore and tears erupt in the sadness that was what it was.

Critics will not follow where the Cult will latch onto this excellent Movie. “In Face” was silently slipped into the script. And many metaphors were too. Even millions of deaths that existed between the lines.

Where Did I just go? Where was I left? An Ending or a Challenge? Thousands of invasive discussions will be taking place as retrospectives are Colder than the Covid Vaccines. And there isn’t a one side only in this. It is what it was. Or was it? Is it?

And which Actor or Actress will you slide into character with? Be careful whom you pick. And do pick early. No guessing here. You will pick someone. And will you Live or ride the Hot Seat Re-Entry Venicle? Two alive and one Dead. 2 + 1 = hotter than blazes?

And which Question will you have most? Like animals in the Forest running away from the Forest Fire travelling near High-speed and the fire devours all. Might even devour you. But it won’t. Or did it?

No, the Collective you will remain. I hope. Yes, you will and with your basket, you’ll try to pickup the pieces. But which ones will you be stuck on? Rescue, Death, Life, Hope. And a change of death to add to your thoughts. But was it your ride-along character that is without blood or air or a heartbeat? The icy dark watery death? And it gets away from you, doesn’t it?

Then, it’s Over! The almost two hours of thought provoking cinematagraphy ends. And your first thought will be to Review the Reviews or Movie Description tagging along on Netflix. And then, you will want more. Yes, more is creeping into your mind as desperation sets in. And it will. You absorbed more than you thought. But do keep thinking. Thought Provoking is a Theme!

You seek answers your mind knows it’s not ready to accept. 2049? Who’s number is that? What pervese strangeness is this up on us now? A Pandemic only hirrorfies the Issues more. But shall you look up on the Tip Shelf where few ever dare go to look?

Beautiful filming, outstanding Acting, great Directing and all who laced-up their boots to Hit the hard Road to make a masterpiece that will grow on the viewers as if a potion had been unleashed. Great Job. One and All! Seeds planted. Water added. And sunlight will come out.

Fight back,yes, fight it down, but you will lose. The girl’s face in those crystal clear images sinking into your mind. His friendl Beard. But the Clicking Clock is running. And debri fields are coming. But why? What were they there for? Every scene tells a Story. Adding to your emotion filling your buckets. And it just might overflow before the Last scene is given you…

And then-it was what it was, wasn’t it?