Teleportation from New York City to Paris France in One Minute is Coming!

Are you ready to take the next Great Leap? Are you ready for Teleportation? Teleporting your Body from one place to another in a matter of seconds or minutes? Are you Ready? Sure, there will be some twists and kinks still that need to be worked out but the very Principle of Teleportation just got proved by the Teleportation to a distance on 27 miles! That’s right! 27 Miles!

A space traveler hologram projected in the spaceship. The image in the background is mine, a digitally created starfield.

And if you watched STAR TREK, Teleportation was a regular event on most TV Episodes. And sure, everyone thought that was pretty neat. Pretty Cool! But when the Star Trek Series, no one gave it much THOUGHT as to ever one day being doable. But it has taken Place! And who wins the Big Cigar for this fantastic Feat? Who I say? Who you Say?

NASA scientists and partners achieve long-distance ‘quantum teleportation’ for the first time

“Beam me up Scotty!” Famous line to most Trekkies. But are you ready to take a Quantum Leap? A teleportation of your body in the Upcoming Days, Months, or Upcoming Years?

Don’t worry, it’s coming! Yes, it is coming. That 1st Cigar for Successfully Teleportation belong to-

Sci fi blue light space travel portal vector isolated on transparent background. Swirling luminous podium for presentation, posters, ads, banners. Magical holographic tunnel, club projector spotlight.

Yes. NASA and Partners! They’d done what many thought was just a pipe dream.

But it could have unbelievable implications. Surgeries could take place without incisions. Without a single cut being made. To suddenly remove all plague out of Arteries by Quantum Teleportation. Yes, not only traveling Great Distances in No Time, it could mean unbelievable surgeries to repair everything from A to Z.

The Sky is the Limit and no, not really. This new technology could become Limitless. Forget the Bus. Forget the Plane. No, tomorrow one day coming, people will opt for super fast Teleportation. Forget the Cars! The Semi-Trucks! Highways would become Obsolete.

Produce could be moved from one country to another without using a Plane or Boat. Teleported right into your Home too. Fresh Cooked Meals from your favorite restaurants. Teleported right into Our Homes. Everything would be Teleported. Now sure, there is going to be some burps on this new technologically challenging road before this ultra-fantastic Technology becomes available to everyone.

Sure, you might get teleported and your body might get reassembled, yes reassembled with someone else’s ears and such.

An entire room of people getting Teleported might have crazy wild mistakes at first. People getting other people’s body parts. Men becoming women and then How to Fix that? If it could be Fixed? Lol.

But to travel half way around the World in a matter of Minutes? Are you up for that? Planes would be largely obsolete. Many Corporations will attempt to keep this magnificent new technologies from ever happening because it would make some Billionaires poor PEOPLE. So, sure, they would not want it at all.

And military implications? Teleport an entire Army to anywhere in the World in Minutes? Teleport a Bomb to a Terrorist Headquarters? The possibilities are Endless!

But in order to dream about all the Possibilities, the 1st had to take Place. And it has!

For the first time, a team of scientists and researchers have achieved sustained, high-fidelity ‘quantum teleportation’ — the instant transfer of ‘qubits’, the basic unit of quantum information. the collaborative team, which includes NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory, successfully demonstrated sustained, long-distance teleportation of qubits of photons (quanta of light) with fidelity greater than 90%. the qubits were teleported 44 kilometers (27 miles) over a fiber-optic network using state-of-the-art single-photon detectors and off-the-shelf equipment.

This is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. This is a Game Changer! This is the 1st speck on a Huge Iceberg of incredible Scientific Achievement! And the greatest of minds will push the envelope to where what I have spoken about will be achievable. Yes, it will.

Just wait, it’s Coming in your Lifetime!