I’m not your Steppin Stone! Or Your Whipping Post!

I’m seeing and I’m saying that whatever Spell Trump put on some people, it’s going to be one of the greatest challenges for President-Elect Joe Biden to bring America back together. With Signs like this next to the Highway, I’m still not understanding all of the continuing Vocalization Against Biden and the Voter Fraud Rhetoric still going on. Why?

If anyone has more EVIDENCE than what was presented to Trump appointed Federal Judges over Voter Fraud, then please Present Your Evidence! Romantically constantly passing along Voter Fraud Without Evidence is unacceptable. But now, it appears Americans now think that they can say or do whatever they want to say or do no matter how much it might hurt the other person.

A Trump Supporter Sign All Must now Endure!

I’ve never seen a Time like this in my Life and it’s My Elders doing the most of it! People over 75 years Old yelling three word phrases all over the place. But hey, Trump was legally and fairly Beaten at the Polls! There wasn’t this State Changing Votes as claimed as Voter Fraud that many are still holding onto. But why? Is EVERYONE having fun with this? To me, it’s un-American. Totally unlike AMERICANS!

I’ve never been sadder for my own Country because of this year and One Man still acting like a little Brat! A child! A rich spoiled kid with his followers ready to jump off the Cliff if he asked them to? I hope not! Check Your News Sources cause they most likely have a Poor Rating for telling the Truth!

Children on Buses are Asking about this!

Hey Trumpsters, I’m not your Steppin Stone! Quit using others as Your Whipping Post! Put your big boy and girl pants on and quit attacking others with your cross-starred illogical arguments of Dead People Voting, Voting Machines getting up and walking around. And continuing to “buy into” Trump Maniacs and False Accusations with No Proof, No Evidence. No Nothing but whatever HE TWEETS to give him a Billion Dollars before he leaves Office from U? Really? WHY R U Sending Him Money? His Legal Battles are coming after he leaves Office and some are going to be interesting.