Rollin Plains! A wonderful ‘Tex Ritter’ Old West, Singing Cowboy Movie!

This is a great Old West Western with good Old West Singing in it starring Ted Ritter. But there’s a Shootout near the End where they have lots of Wagons racing along in a huge Cowboy and Outlaw Shootout! But if you watch closely, you’ll see a very dangerous accident that takes place.

In it, you’ll see the horses pulling the wagon running and then they are seen jumping upwards violently as they run down or run over a an actor on the ground. What? Yep, he gets plum run over. He does and I watched it several times. It’s very quick, so keep your eyes OPEN.

Rollin’ Plains is a 1938 American film directed by Albert Herman.

Rollin’ Plains
Directed byAlbert Herman
Produced byEdward Finney (producer)
Lindsley Parsons (supervising producer)
Written byJacques Jaccard (story) and
Celia Jaccard (story)
Lindsley Parsons (screenplay) and
Edmond Kelso (screenplay)
StarringSee below
CinematographyGus Peterson
Edited byFrederick Bain
Distributed byGrand National Pictures
Release dateJuly 8, 1938
Running time57 minutes
CountryUnited States

Texas Rangers Tex, Ananias and Pee Wee put down a range war between sheepmen and cattlemen. And tons of stuff takes place. Cowboys are Singing their Cowboy Songs that every good buckaroo lives hearing. Big rip snorting. Big horse racing, blazing Gin Battles are all over the place. And a Big Gun Battle almost as close to the real thing takes place at the very beginning in this big Range War. In it, the Gun Powder leaves a blinding sight to behold. Loud, very noisy, and smoky. Lots of real Gunpowder Smoke in it and Bullets flying everywhere. This is a great Western.