Which Country could strike the Match that Starts WORLD WAR THREE? Japan. South Korea. North Korea. Or Taiwan?

When you look at these Four Countries, most would jump out in the Front and Claim it would be North Korea. But when you look at How Quickly these Smaller Countries are Arming Themselves, you’d think one of the other three might. And how or why? Okay. Take a peep-


The South Korea fleet boasts an impressive 16 submarines, with more on the way. There are eight Jang Bogo-class vessels—variants of the German Type 209—plus nine Son Won IIs based on Germany’s Type 214.

A new class is under construction. At around 3,600 tons of displacement, the four Dosan Ahn Changhos each is around twice as large as the older submarines are.

So now, South Korea is in the mix with Submarines twice as large as the above listed ones so that they can launch Upright Missiles. You know, the type that Blast Out and can hit a Target 500 miles away. And who plans to Join the Submarine Race?

Taiwan is…??? And is Taiwan’s building up its Military really any kind of Threat to the massive Army, Navy, Air Force of China?

And when you put a lot of War Toys in the Water, you have eager men in underwater boats ready to LAUNCH-

If South Korean intelligence detected North Korean rockets deploying, perhaps for a nuclear strike, Seoul’s submarines could attack—preemptively.

Preemptive Attack?


Area: 13,974 mi²

Population: 23.78 million


Country in East Asia

Population: 126.5 million (2018) 

Area: 145,914 mi²

South Korea

Country in East Asia

Population: 51.64 million (2018) 

Area: 38,691 mi²

North Korea

Country in East Asia

Population: 25.55 million (2018) 

Area: 46,541 mi²


Japan builds one attack submarine a year, and with a 22-submarine force-size goal, Japan simply retires each submarine after 22 years of service.

According to a report published by BBC in 2010, “The North Korean military is in possession of a fleet of about 70 submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines (1,800 tons), 40 Sang-O class submarines (300 tons) and 10 midget submarines including the Yono class submarines (130 tons).”

Taiwan has begun building a fleet of state-of-the-art submarines…the first expected to begin sea trials in 2025.

So. Everyone has these Underwater Toy Boats capable of punching holes in things both big and small. But here comes the fluke-

Someone gets bad Intell and launches Missiles or Torpedoes or underwater Frogmen and they tinker-tattle themselves into World War III by a Big Mistake of Bad Information. And which one takes it upon themselves to Dive Deep and Cut Communication and then slowly Resurfaces and empties all Tubes and Away We Go!

And all the Time not knowing that they just Started the Biggest Missile Shootout in World History? And there is no way to put the Genie back in the Box.

And you think there’s no way this could happen. Okay. Then explain-

Taiwan grounds F-16 fighter jets after one disappears in training


Hmm…and what happens when a Sub disappears?