Where to Find Your Best Information?

Believe it or not, the best information is always sitting right there in front of you. When you read something, take a moment to look at two tgings-

  1. Comments-Comments at the end of an Article often times have Sources disputing an Article and will give you a place to checkout further. Sometimes good and sometimes not.
  2. Footnotes-these little guys are things that will give you a chance to see if the Writer actually used good notes or distorted the Truth. Researching is Time-Consuming and most People don’t have the time, patient. Or inclination to go that extra mile and check the authenticity of the Article. But you should. All of us should. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had.

Government Agencies have informations that are trustworthy and usually in PDF form. It’s Public Information. No, not SECRET STUFF. And the more that read them, well, it’s good for everyone.

And one of the BEST sources for Information is a well stocked College Library. Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas is one of the most Impressive. The University of Texas at El Paso has a very nice one. Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas has a very good one. Yes, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching stuff in libraries for myself and College Professors. But it’s like an Untamed Wilderness until you develop a a comfortable feeling between you and the Library. And DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask for HELP! Until you know How to Navigate a certain Library, it can be frightening. But it’s just your mind messing with you. No, the internet will lead you to Dead Ends all the time.

So yes, when I am writing very serious stuff, I might research for 6-8 hours on a Subject. And if I don’t like what I wrote, I never POST it. But you must understand this please-I make monies on Readers who Visit my Blog if they buy something listed on it in one of the Advertising Posts. I do not Control what is Advertised.

So. Yes, I do write things that are provocative at times. Controversial Things. Things completely counter to what I may think or Believe. But it’s what people want to read. It’s what Sells…

So right now, enjoy your Life. Enjoy your Family. And remember, when someone does something to you that you did not like, What was it that you did to them? Where was the good in you when you blew your Cool? Don’t excuse your Bad Behaviors. Bad people say bad things…yes, they do. Only YOU keep the Negative Going…so cheer up and let it go…let it go