America’s Worst HACK did take Place…and it’s Not Over yet!

Microsoft called it “an Attack that is remarkable for its scope, sophistication and impact”.

Hmm, some are saying this Hacking was incredibly Sophisticated and even the Pentagon could see Jet Fighters falling out of the Sky!. Golf Courses may have their Revenues lost in Cyberspace. And everything is on the Table. It’s Horrible!

Who has been affected?

At least six US government departments, including energy, commerce, treasury and state, are reported to have been breached. The National Nuclear Security Administration’s networks were also breached, Politico reported on Thursday..

But many, many others as well. The Opened Door came in the Lap of Solar Winds.

SolarWinds says it has more than 300,000 clients, including US government agencies and the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies.

SolarWinds says it has more than 300,000 clients, including US government agencies and the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies.

A highly coordinated Attack! And it’s not even Over yet because they are still sorting out all of the Victims. Wall Street may not Open Monday due to financial transactions reverting into pennies from Dollars and World Banks could see a Trillion Dollar Loss in one day? Rumors are flying about Ransomware involved as well.. But it was Malware!

Dozens of security and other technology firms, as well as non-governmental organizations, were also affected, Microsoft said on Thursday. While most affected by the attack were in the US, Microsoft said it had identified victims in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

“It’s certain that the number and location of victims will keep growing,” Microsoft added.

Instead, the breaches began as long ago as March(2020). That means U.S. officials now face the sobering prospect that foreign hackers had access to many (highly) sensitive computer systems for as long as nine months.With little understanding of exactly how bad the breach of the U.S. government is, members of a consortium of major financial firms that share data on security incidents with the government began considering limiting those communications, a person familiar with the deliberations said.

And who made the Discover?

The ABOVE is a fascinating read. Might be affecting you too.

But this situation is growing deeper than Whale Snot! A Nine-Month Breach caused by Sputnik Malware (I’m only Guessing) that opened untold Doors and Stores of Stored Informations is beyond belief. It’s Shocking! 80% here in America and 20% around the World has been hit.

An Army of Computer Detectives are working to determine the full econtent that is worse than anyone ever thought as many continue to Downplay it even existing like all of it were mere Fake News. But it’s for Real!

Rumors have January 20, 2021 as LAUNCH DAY for the Secret encrypted Corruption placed into all the Data Breaches. A very scary situation.

Oh no, don’t say it’s so… But it all goes back to the one day when Trump attempted to Squash a certain Russian Cybersecurity Company that started with a K…something most people ignored.

If you’re reading this, your Country most likely got Hacked too. Millions of Computers are connected in one way or another. Critical Ones were Hacked!