A Great Feat, but possibly Our Endgame?

This is one incredible feat! An amazing feat! Japan has successfully brought back stuff from an Alien Spaceship? Or part of a Planet that may have been in a War with another Alien Race? From hundreds of millions of miles away from earth!

Yes, Japan has SUCCESSFULLY gone out in Outer Space and grabbed Alien Stuff never seen by mankind. And brought Alien “goo” from another place back to Earth. An incredible feat.

But it could be very Scary! The part about “Organic Matter” brought back brings a huge amount of Questions. And with all of these Scientific parties soon to be in possession of this material, which one will “reanimated” the dead into the living? And will it turn out to be ALIEN DNA?

Yes, Dead Alien Material may be a part of these cells brought back possibly from an old Alien Spaceship or part of a planet blown apart by Warring Aliens.

What if the Angels spoken about were Aliens from other Galaxies? And now, cells to recreate a Mastermind Race may be in the works. You add a little juice and embryo eggs from the right creature and BAM! You just created Fresh Aliens. Aliens frim Outer Space. But possibly a hundred times smarter than any man. Ones capable of communicating directly with A.I.

And that’s Scary. A Superior Race of Man-like Creatures that could takeover Earth in No time.

Following studies in Japan for about a year, some of the samples will be shared with NASA and other international groups for additional research beginning in 2022. By 2024, if man can reanimate any of these Samples, it will be done.


Seiichiro Watanabe, a Hayabusa project scientist and professor at Nagoya University, said he was nonetheless thrilled.

An artist’s impression of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft above the asteroid Ryugu. Photo: ISAS/JAXA via AP

An artist’s impression of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft above the asteroid Ryugu. Photo: ISAS/JAXA via AP

“There are a lot [of samples] and it seems they contain plenty of organic matter,” he said.

“So I hope we can find out many things about how organic substances have developed on the parent body of Ryugu.”

Half of Hayabusa-2’s samples will be shared between JAXA, US space agency Nasa and other international organisations.