“Take Me Back To Oklahoma”-an exceptional Western Movie for the Time Period

I find a lot of wonderful Western Movies that came out in 1932-1940. Each Era brought their own type of unique Old West Western Interpretations. And TAKE ME BACK TO OKLAHOMA has Cowboy Singing and dangerous Stunts performed by daring Stunt Men. And the Storyline is not a Hidden Thing. No, it’s racing from the screen bringing lots of shooting and daring Horseback Riding and Stunts. It’s well worth the Watch now showing on YouTube. So, all you young and old Buckaroos need to pop some popcorn and sit back and take a trip back in Time.

You know, some things you’ll never forget and one Thing is riding a Horse by yourself in an Open Pasture by yourself with that amazing and muscled-up animal obeying your every instruction. And racing another rider is so much fun. Fun things you’ll never forget. Do enjoy all the singing and Action that sometimes only a Good Ole Tex Ritter Western Movie can bring. And this is a great gem from the past.