It is Imperative that the World finds the True Source of COVID-19! The true Origin!

Okay, sure, it appears to have originated in China. But the World must find, must locate exactly What in China created or caused or brought-in this Deadly Virus. Finger-pointing can and will continue as the Deaths continue to escalate. This is what man does. Everyone wants to know. But I’m not engaging the Blame Game. I’m looking farther than simply blaming blindly.

But I’m talking really searching deeply into what is the True Scientific Source of Covid-19? We must find out. We simply must. Otherwise. We are setting ourselves up for maybe something completely worse if we don’t.

The next one coming could be so devastating that it might kill a person within twelve hours after exposure.

And yes, no matter how we mix up the Bowl on things we want to know, we know certain things-

  1. COVID-19 is Deadly.
  2. COVID-19 causes other Issues in some people.
  3. COVID-19 has caused a Pandemic.
  4. Some Governments have handled the Pandemic exceptionally well while others have failed.
  5. World Trade has been Impacted.
  6. Countries have blamed China for it.
  7. The Origin of COVID-19 has NOT been found.

Aside from Jobs being lost and Homes on the Frontlines of Foreclosures, America is a long way from being back on the right track. Sports on all Levels has been Impacted. Games have been Canceled, Postponed, or Forfeited. Players, teachers, front line workers, essential workers, Doctors, Nurses, Farm Workers, Restaurant Workers, and the Elderly, especially the Elderly have been hit hard, especially in long time stay residences like Nursing Or Assisted Living Facilities. Too many of 🇺🇸 have Died. But the Virus does not discriminate but the Rich do appear to have a greater chance of quick and complete Recovery. Trump and Giuliani are two such examples. And that’s fine, but I think all Americans would like the same quick treatment that those two received. Herman Cain and Charlie Pride are two who did not receive that same treatment or they would be alive today. And I have to ask this right now. Will Minorities receive treatment that would cause a prudent person to believe that their treatment was indeed Bias or Racist in nature. Adding another Chapter of Racist Mistreatment of the Minority Community?

But questions will find answers as more and more ask the right Questions to the Right People. And I do believe the Buck Stops with President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris. Joe will and Kamala will get all of us the Truth and answer the hard questions. We might not like the answers, but we’ll get the correct answers.

And for sure, most developed Countries have a long slew of Biological Weapons going all the way back to Germ Warfare used in World War One.

Covid: WHO to investigate virus origins in China’s Wuhan

But it’s time to halt the finger pointing so maybe we can finally find exactly what or how COVID-19 came about. All of us want the True answer. We want to know. We need to know. And hopefully, 2021 will give us that answer we seek. Otherwise, the next one could be a hundred times worse! I’m very pleased to see China helping in finding the True Origin of COVID-19.

COVID-19, talk to us and let us in on your little secret of what caused you to appear.