Great Articles! Great Old Western Movies!

I especially enjoyed reviewing these Articles-

For decades, fusion has been the alchemy of our technological age. So, how feasible is the UK’s plan to build a commercially viable fusion power plant by 2040?

The top art museums in NYC

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And some Old Western Movies I really enjoyed Watching Recently on YouTube-

Watching Old Movies are so educational that many have no idea what they might see. There have been things I’ve seen on Ranches and I wondered about these Odd things and those things, yes, these mysterious mysteries have been revealed. By watching Old Movies. Things I saw in Museums that I wondered about was there being used in an Old Movies. Amazing…interesting…educational.

One thing that I saw a lot growing up was men and women slapping each other and now, you’ll go to jail for assault doing it. But who taught people such behaviors?

The Movies that people were watching did. Movie Stars were slapping each other. Yes, they were…or their Stunt Doubles were.

Many of our stereotyping is because of the Movies. We become what we see. And look at the History of your Cell Phone and ask yourself this-Why are there so many things popping up in my History that I DID NOT LOOK UP?

Yes, there is a Secret Program called Ghosting. And you don’t have a Clue what the Heck that is or who is using it. But it’s there. Yes, it’s there.

You can’t change it, but it’s there-buy here’s a Beach Movie to watch-