2020: The Magical Veil is Broken…

2020: The Magical Veil is Broken…

By the living breathing James Brown

(This is a continuous Tale that I’ll add to as I continue to explore its World with you, the Reader. It’s pure fiction. But, is it?)

It was a wild blustery day and the wind was howling. The animals And birds stood frozen in time as a Secret Veil was being Opened. And the young Apprentices of the Grandest School of Wizardry near Waxahachie, Texas and just outside Midlothian, Texas had just been released for the Christmas Holidays. Hundreds of them were suddenly leaving one magical World to resume Life here amongst the rest of us. And they were so giddy, so happy where many a squeal of Happiness could be heard as they sprang forth.

And in every direction the children of all Ages came running and all were excited to be once again heading home. And as they exited from the Veil, none took a second glance back at the World of Magic. But one was watching and he was the Evil Wizard known as


And he had been banished from the magical realm from the Day of Christ. Yes, from the Days of Christ and there were rumors that he was there in the Crowd when Pilate asked if they wanted Christ Crucified? And he led them Chanting to Kill Christ and Free Barabbas from his Prison Cell!

But today, Bumbo, full with the Dark Magic of the Ages. Dark Magic with Dark Knowledge that he now had to Command. And he had been waiting just for this one day where he was at the Opening of the Magical Veil. And no one noticed an Old man sitting on a log with a small animal by his side. But it was no normal animal. It was an Axan.

An Axan is a Demonized Gremlin and Ghoul together in on body stronger than a rhinoceros and quicker than a Cheetah.

It’s it’s time everyone is left. everyone is gone! the little magical creatures that wrestlers School but now now now now it is my turn.

yes Bumbo has waited and waited and waited for the day when dark magic will rule the world but before I can commit myself call upon all the Gremlins and ghouls to enter of into the Veil and from the dark dungeons where they saw the creatures I have been locked up for centuries are we released them and soon with my Army that has been waiting waiting locked up in those sales in that stupid wizard School it is my time my time alone but I will make them all pay they will pay they will pay dearly yes it’s time now go my accent gold and take all the grandmas and goes with you I hurry hurry to all the sales and unlock them released my friends I have been waiting a long time for them release them.

And and in no time and I know time it is my time soon all the evil creatures we’re returning through the Veil because the veil was open and it will remain open because Bumbo opened it and it will be the fall of mankind. Yes, it almost closed, but Jumbo Opened the Veil and he had an bad plan to put on all of man.

In three hours, six thousand of the meanest offspring of Darkness was entering back through the Open Veil. And they all began to surround Bumbo. And at the front of the line was The Grinch who had once stolen Christmas and the young wizards had locked him away. And all around were Hangman Stick Guys.

And then came a ton of more Axan Creatures.. Maybe a hundred thousand in all. And then they all were soon standing or sitting around Bumbo. And his eerie looking green and purple eyes gazed upon all of his just released friends. He was smiling with a very Evil happiness. Then, he began speaking in Ghoul Talk.

Friends, it’s been too long since we had our Freedom and Today, all of you are once again free to unleash all forms of our kind of Fun upon the World. And Unleash, we shall. Look now among yourselves. See how many there are.

And all of these Evil Creatures turned towards each other and they gave each other evil grins. And some growled at each other as none loved each other. None liked each other. Then Bumbo began to talk to each once again.

We must now depart before all the little pretty Wizards learn that all of you have been freed. We must go now to all parts of the World.

Grinch, you take 500 and head to all Countries in the North. You Ox Axan to South America. You Lion Axan, you head to Africa. All Serpent Axan, head to China and Indonesia. You Buffalo Axan, head to India. And the rest, head to Israel, Burma, Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and all Countries in the Middle East. And oh yes, Stick Men, head to Washington and turn up the Burners on all the ones holding Political Power-Crush them, bring them to their knees as they wet their beds too. Attack all who wear Depends first. Got to get all those Urine Babies out of our way. Create Mass Confusion. And Stick Men, go into the Media and find all Internet Trolls and all Alcoholics and make them cry for ten times ten the amount of Booze. A hundred times a hundred in narcotic usage. And all Overweight a people all over the World, eat them. Eat that blubber all up and their fat bodies and fat minds. The way is clear for a fun World Takeover. We shall not fall. NOW GO! Destroy all that mankind has built. Destroy it all. No Country will be spared. Not a single person or child. We will carry along with us a New Virus that I have conjured up. It will kill their Old and Elderly. Well call it Super Puke. They will call it by other names. But they will know it by how many will Die.

And a thunderous roar of evil joy was now coming out in a thunderous sound and the earth shook and the Evil Ones were suddenly shooting off in every direction. They were Evil.

Evil was Unleashed Upon the World again!

And Bumbo was now smiling with his sinister growling noise he makes when he eats little children alive. He loves eating Children for Meals. Sometimes, he’d eat six at a time. Bones and all. He was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. For thousands of years, he had been eating the little darlings. And most had thought that Bumbo had died a Century ago. But no, he was or “it” or whatever Bumbo was, the World was uncertain what kind of evil Creature he was. But make no doubt, his kind was feared. He was a Destroyer of Nations and the most Powerful would crumble by his unusual form of a hypnotic wiggle-worm dance. His hypnotic words not ever being truthful, but feeling their tummies with false food. Fake food. Or was it warm blood?

But mankind’s Evil was just getting warmed-up. Bumbo was ready to pull many down with him to the most sinister bowels known, no not known, not really. Places even man has no imagination to ever dream of.

Suddenly, the sky began turning dark. Very dark. And Bumbo locked his eyes on a children’s playground. And saw a hundred kids there playing. I Do love eating little kids so. They fill my belly. And I’m very hungry.

Then he began walking up to the Playground ends with a simple snap of his fingers, he turned himself into a little old woman carrying a Basket of Candy. But the Candy would put each child in a hypnotic trance and they were soon going to be following Bumbo back to his Cave where he would eat a dozen that night.

Then a whirling, chilling noise began coming out of the Veil. It was DANGER ALERT MESSAGES being sent to the young wizards that had left on their Christmas and Winter Vacations.

Bumbo looked and about a hundred had gotten thru the OPEN Veil. Bumbo then snapped his fingers on his right hand and the Veil slammed shut. I’ll keep the little Wizard Brats busy for some time to come. This 2020 Vacation will be no Winter like any of them have ever known. Bumbo will once again prove that I am the Greatest Wizard of all Time.

Then Bumbo handed out the Candy to all the children and in ten minutes, he opened an invisible Door leading to his Cave. Soon. He would be dining on fingers and things as all the children followed him into and thru the Door. Oh, I do love the little crunchy fingers.