You! Yes, YOU! You are a “Blogger Wannabe” and don’t realize it!

Dang, you got something to Say? Well, do you? And who do you want to say it to? What is the message that you want to tell everybody? who do you want to reach? it’s got to be somebody who wants to hear what you want to say? you got an opinion and oh yes you have every right to put your opinion out there for everybody to read and that is what’s important!

I’ve had over Three Million Views! But that did not happen Overnight! It’s because I Research My Subject Matter saving Readers hours looking for trustworthy Articles from Reputable Sources. And I write Sci-Fi and Opinions about lots of stuff. And if I can do it, I PROMISE YOU, you can too!

you are an important individual yes you are and all you got to do is do what a lot of other people have done. just start your own blog.

yes you probably are a blogger wannabe but don’t be a blogger wannabe. become a blogger.

you can do it. it’s easy and you’ll find thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people who want to read what you have got to say.

yes they will! they want to know what you want them to know. there’s somebody out there right now who needs your knowledge. someone who thinks just like you do and they are looking for like-minded people and they need you! and only you can bring this very valuable information to them! so instead of texting others or calling others, it’s time that you reach thousands! you need to get Your Voice. your Opinion out there.

and get your message to thousands of people and people will love you for it. heck don’t even pay you for it? yes a lot of bloggers WRITE crazy wild stuff because that is what sells. that is the stuff that sells. that is the stuff that sells! a lot of people don’t understand that that is what is important.

you either want to make money or you don’t want to make money and a lot of people, they look a. Becoming a blogger and they have no ideas. They’re scared! Don’t be…

well there are reasons that they read the stuff they bought and that is usually because it makes the Blogger money.

Most of what I write because honestly honestly I have never written a thing blackish or money erotic just because I enjoy the ride. Some subjects I don’t like and I don’t venture into those waters.

For me, I enjoy writing, but it’s time for you to become a blogger! Yes, it is.

Being a blogger is exactly what you need to do! Share with the World your well thought out Opinions.

it’s easy and people will love you for doing it and in no time you will have thousands of people who will be riding with you. YOU telling your stuff and you never knew it was so possible for you.

anytime you write with deep convictions or whimsical thoughts, they’re going to love you for it.

Your Followers Will Love You!

they’re going to embrace you with Whatever your hand Blogs and They will brace YOU!

Embrace you for You Being You and they will love you for it

yes you need to go ahead and become a Blogger!

It’s time to let loose! Do it!

Just Do It…you won’t be sorry you did. It’s a great experience…