Mythica: The Necromancer is a fun Movie!

Talk about a very enjoyable Movie! This one is a fun Watch. I thoroughly loved. And the sag only gets better! Mythica:the Darkspore is the 2nd Movie in this Series!

Mythica: The Necromancer is the third installment from the Arrowstorm Entertainment fantasy series Mythica, following Mythica: A Quest for Heroes[1] and Mythica: The Darkspore, directed by A. Todd Smith and written by Jason Faller, Liska Ostojic, and Justin Partridge, starring Kevin Sorbo[2][3] and Melanie Stone. The fourth film, Mythica: The Iron Crown was released in 2016, and was followed by a fifth and final installment, Mythica: The Godslayer.

Mythica: The Necromancer
Directed byA. Todd Smith
Produced byJennifer Kirkham and Andrew Mecham
Written byJason Faller, Liska Ostojic, and Justin Partridge
StarringMelanie StoneAdam JohnsonJake StormoenPhillip BrodieMatthew MercerNicola PosenerChristopher Robin MillerKevin SorboRobert JayneDavey MorrisonGeoff Hansen
Music byNathaniel Drew
CinematographyCasey Wilson
Edited byA. Todd Smith
Arrowstorm Entertainment
Release dateDecember 11, 2015


Marek is beginning to master more advanced magic, by training with Gojun Pye and receiving a staff from him, and even helping him stop some orcs who had set a trap for him, although he reminds her that she needs to be careful about her necromancer powers which can lead her to darkness, because by taking life force from someone it would be hard for her to come back from it. He details a bit more of the past (which he began telling Marek in the previous film) and about his former team of sorcerers and their enemy Szorlok: they were called The Red Thorns, they were powerful and invincible, the envy of the realm, and Szorlok wanted to stop the invading vitalian soldiers, by becoming the Lich King and thus rising and controlling hordes of undead. By defeating Szorlok, one of the sorcerers sacrificed himself, and that led to the disband of the group, and also to the accomplished invasion by the vitalian soldiers as a side-effect. For the ritual to become the Lich King, after gathering the four pieces of the Darkspore, Szorlok will need other necromancers, and that includes Marek, so she must lay low as to not be found by Szorlok. Gojun Pye reminds Marek that Szorlok already has two pieces of the Darkspore.

Meanwhile, Marek and her group have become respected in Hammerhead’s tavern, they adopt the name of Red Thorns, and Thane becomes more involved with Teela. When he is taken hostage by Peregus Malister, the cruel master of the Thieves Guild who is seeking revenge for having been forced to sign for the freedom of Marek, she must embark on a corrupt mission to serve the Thieves Guild with her team of would-be heroes, by retrieving some ilystrium from The Eel (his name later revealed to be Kelton) whose whereabouts are known to a Captain named Purio, while in the midst of creatures called gooches, and also several golgotians, as well as cave demons.

But when the mission leads them into the clutches of Szorlok – their greatest enemy – Marek must sacrifice her ambitions and perhaps her own soul before her friends are killed, to stop Szorlok from obtaining the Darkspore (revealed by Szorlok as the pieces of the heart of the Lich King Amun Kha). Will Marek and her friends survive?