Mythica: The Darkspore is a very good Movie!

Mythica: The Darkspore is a 2015 Arrowstorm Entertainment fantasy film. It is the sequel to Mythica: A Quest for Heroes,[1] the second installment in the Mythica series, and is directed by Anne K. Black and co-written with Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin, starring Kevin Sorbo[2][3] and Melanie Stone. The third film, Mythica: The Necromancer, was released in 2015 as well, while the fourth film Mythica: The Iron Crown, was released in 2016, followed by a fifth and final film, Mythica: The Godslayer.

Mythica: The Darkspore
Directed byAnne K. Black
Produced byJason Faller and Kynan Griffin
Written byAnne K. Black, Jason Faller, and Kynan Griffin
StarringMelanie StoneAdam JohnsonJake StormoenNicola PosenerChristopher Robin MillerKevin SorboNatalie DevineRobert JayneMatthew Mercer
Music byNathaniel Drew
CinematographyA. Todd Smith
Edited byRob York
Arrowstorm Entertainment
Release dateJune 19, 2015

This is the 2nd Movie in this Series and it’s only getting better! It really is a fun Series and I hope you will watch them too!


Following immediately from the end of the previous film, Teela’s sister is killed by Kishkumen, a dark magician with yellow eyes, who also steals the mysterious stone that she was carrying, and wants to give it to his master Szorlok.

Meanwhile, sorcerer Gojun Pye tells Marek about the stone: a fragment/shard of the full Darkspore, a piece that can give the user a great immense power, which once belonged to the Lich King, and that was found by Szorlok and his followers years ago, split into fragments, but after using his followers to reunite the Darkspore he was stopped by Gojun Pye and other sorcerers from getting the power from the piece, and in the aftermath, the sorcerers split the piece into four fragments/shards and hid them apart in the world (one was with Teela’s sister and her people, a second was hidden in a dragon’s lair in an ancient ruined city).

Gojun Pye also tells Marek about who she is: a necromancer, just like Szorlok, and that is why Szorlok also wants Marek at his side, because the potential power she holds within. That power is also what Teela sensed in the previous film, while trying to heal Mareks leg, and it’s also what might drive Marek to the darkness if she is not careful when using it.

Marek and her company must go on a journey to the ruined city, and prevent the evil necromancer Szorlok from obtaining all the shards of the Darkspore, or all will be lost. Therefore, they must get the hidden shard from the ruined city before Kishkumen does. Along the way they meet Qole, a mysterious dark-elf warrior with his face marked with strange drawings that allows him to be unharmed by dark magic, who allies himself with Marek after she saves him from faeries, and they are also pursued by Peregus Malister and his forces, who wants revenge from events of the previous film.