Waiting to be Auctioned-Off to the Highest Bidder!

Inside the house, police found 25 men dressed in only their underwear, and one woman, police said. They were not bound, but investigators said the windows of the house were boarded up and the doors locked…


I once was told about Human Auctions held in Juarez next to El Paso, held in Houston, and held in San Antonio. Large Farms coming and Farm and Ranch Foremen placing Bids on the Human Livestock being run thru an Auction Arena like they were a mere Cow, Sheep, or Goat. Being smuggled in 18-wheelers and then backed-up to an unloading Ramp and then whipped or beaten and livestock shocked right into the Main Viewing Pen. Then the Bidding would take place and groups of 20-30 would be purchased and packed back into another truck, usually a Hay Truck or put them

inside a Milk Truck and then taken to where they would be put to work, working from sunup to sundown. Work until the work or crop was harvested. And stuff like this has been going on for generations. Always being treated like sub-human beings. But, who cares? Do you?