…a deeper, far deeper recession than what we saw…

Budgets and number crunchers are going to be shaking their heads when it comes to balancing the Ledgers. But some still won’t add-up to what some were hoping, even praying for…and We Texans are going to be suffering like never before…for years!

  1. The Food Lines keep GROWING!
  2. The Electric Bills are going UNPAID!
  3. Doctor Visits are being Cancelled!
  4. Staying Home is now no longer an Option.
  5. And all the Talk is in the Vaccines.
  6. Everyone is pinching pennies.

Evictions are Coming. Super Sadness is Coming. Our Joy will be Stolen. Hearts will be broken. Homes will have COVID Markers put on them. Death Wagons are coming soon for daily pickups.